Hair Transplant, Katy Texas – FUE body hair for Man 46

A 46 year old man needing additional hair transplants in Katy, Texas came to us recently. His donor area had been completely exhausted from prior hair transplant surgeries, and his class 6 crown hair loss still bothered him. He was interested in doing anything he could to improve his crown loss. Because the scalp donor was nearly exhausted, we could not use that area. However, he had copious amounts of body hair. Utilizing the FUE Follicular Unit Extraction technique we were able to relocate over to 500 hairs from his back into the crown, and we are all ecstatic about the results we have seen from this surgery.

Since November of 2010 he has come in from Katy three times to have small FUE procedures done. Unlike the usual hair transplant, this procedure is shorter and much less invasive, than our routine follicular unit hair transplant. The surgery time is just a few hours, and the recovery time usually less than two or three days. Because we are moving fewer grafts than in a strip follicular unit hair transplant, it takes more surgeries to get a large number of grafts. Because the healing time is so short, the procedures can be done closer together, every 2 or 3 weeks.

This patient was recovered and back to work as a computer programmer in just 24 hours. I saw him last week, and the results are truly impressive, slow steady positive change, and he can’t wait to do more.

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Hair transplant, Spring Texas – Woman 47

A 47 year old woman needing hair transplants in Spring, Texas came to us about 1 year ago. We gave her a complete diagnostic hair loss evaluation, and determined that she indeed had a hair loss problem that could be solved with hair transplant surgery. She had frontal hair loss, with a receding hair line in the temples much like a man, and there was no evidence that there was any disease that would prevent transplanted hair grafts from growing. We scheduled the woman for hair transplant surgery to be performed.

In March of 2010 is when this nice woman drove in from Spring Texas and we preformed a 1500 graft hair transplant treatment. She did very well, enjoying a nice lunch and her favorite “Soaps” while having the procedure done. She recovered and was back to work in just three days. I saw her a today and she has had extraordinary results, already modifying her hairstyles in ways that expose the hairline she has not had in years.

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