The Man who is Walking on Hair, I mean Air!

So the other day I’m sitting in my office and my nurse comes in and tells me we have a patient on the phone that needs to talk with me. For privacy purposes, let’s call him John. I immediately grabbed the phone because with over 4 decades in medicine I’ve learned that when a patient calls it isn’t usually to check how my golf game is going.  The conversation basically went this way, “John how are you doing, and how is everything going?”  I opened enthusiastically, and much to my surprise the response I received on the other end was overwhelming.

“Doctor you won’t believe how different my hair is,”

That was John’s response to me, and although it sounded very positive I didn’t want to presume anything, so I asked a more probing question, “So it’s been 7 months and your hair should be growing in nicely?” “Nicely,” he screamed, “It’s amazing!” Whew, that’s what I was hoping to hear, but you never know whether you have met the patient’s expectations.  I have seen hair restoration results that I think are absolutely spectacular, but the patient is looking for “Bullet Proof Hair”, which in many cases that kind of density can only be accomplished with multiple procedures.  Plus the patient needs an extremely strong donor area, which our patient John really had.  John finally scheduled an appointment to come in and shoot photos, and wanted to know if we could discuss scheduling a 2nd procedure which is what we had talked about in our long term plan.

Wow, the meeting was worth the wait!

John came in and my nurses and I were stunned at how spectacular his result was. After we shot current photographs, he sat down and said, “I can’t believe what a difference between my before pictures and now. My eyes were lying to me and telling me I had more hair than I really did.” He was on a major ramble, but the sparkle in his eyes was worth just letting him talk. He kept going, “My wife says it really didn’t matter to her and I looked fine before, but all of a sudden she’s buying me different clothes a little bit younger looking and a lot less conservative…This really says a lot, without saying a word. And like you told me Doc, it’s more than just my wife, it’s all about the compliments that I seem to be getting more and more from total strangers as well as friends. And most of all it’s about the confidence I feel every day when I look in the mirror, and that’s why I’m here today.”

I’m not waiting to lose more, when today I can get more

“Doc, not only do I want to thank you, but I am here today to say let’s schedule the next one before I follow my family pattern and start to lose more.  Now that I see how good this works and how great you are, I know I never want to deal with hair loss again.” And to prove how happy he was and is, John not only booked his next procedure, but he wants to be a before and after model on my website when his second procedure grows in. I guess you could say here’s…  

A Gentleman who’s really walking on air, because of his hair.

Hair Restoration… It’s not how you start, its how you finish!

It’s amazing how many products in the medical field are being affected by advertising.  I continually see ads for everything from erectile dysfunction to depression.  Well I know that there are several ailments that would and could make you depressed, and even more depressing would be if the medication you were taking to fix you could create liver problems, migraines, kidney infections or death.  All these pharmaceutical companies are bombarding consumers with so many cure-alls that can fix you, so why is it is that everyone in America isn’t walking around totally healthy and happy.

FUE versus FUT

And here I am sitting on an airplane looking at the magazine and here is the ad for hair restoration. FUE vs. FUT…Follicular Unit Extraction vs Follicular Unit Transplant. The FUE manufacturers are attacking the FUT technique to try to generate more market share for this new technique that is being sold to as many physicians as they can sell too. The truth is that both procedures can and should co-exist because every patient is different and should have the option to choose what is best for their hair loss, budget and end result.  Any Physician who is really a specialist in hair restoration should be offering their patients both technologies, and if they are not why Not? Could it be that the doctor only offering FUE does not know how to do FUT?  If that is the case then what does he really know about hair loss and hair restoration?

If a clinic offers both techniques they are usually Qualified Hair Specialists

We do spectacular hair restoration, and patients keep asking me about FUE or FUT.  That is like asking me how do you pull teeth as opposed to asking me how do you create a beautiful smile?  The art of a hair procedure is not how you remove the hair follicle but how do you put the hair follicles back in…That is the real difference.  It is the final outcome that separates the artistic Doctor from an experienced technician. The real artist knows that you can create a spectacular hair restoration with FUE or FUT.

Don’t let the ads fool you!!

The real question is how are the end results that you receive?  Patients only have one head, and it is amazing how many people we see that need a revision and more hair to make their transplant look correct.  Stop being fooled by clinics that advertise that they have a great new technology—we have all the technology, but you want someone who also has the experience and the credentials to provide you with a fabulous result…that is what you want…A fair price and a fabulous result.  Some patients are perfect for FUT some for FUE, but that is how you start, what you really should care about is how you look when we are finished, and your own natural hair is growing again for the rest of your life.

Stop wasting money and Start Growing Hair!

For years, men and women have been looking for the cure to find a way to stop losing hair or more importantly how to regrow the hair they have lost. If you think your hair is going down the drain, think of all the dollars you are throwing down that same drain on products that have great advertising but at the end of the day you spent the money on nothing. There are chemicals, shampoos, pills, sprays, and all sorts of other things that are advertised as helping with hair loss. I’m sure you have tried your fair share on promises and products that just didn’t deliver. After being in and around the hair loss and hair gain business for over four decades I have seen it all and the only thing that truly works, if you are a prospect, is Medical Hair Restoration, or what is commonly called a Hair Transplant.

Some of the products that are on the market for hair loss do work to a degree for some people based on age, expectations and what is making you lose your hair in the first place. The truth is that none of these products work on the majority of people who are simply suffering from male pattern baldness or female pattern hair loss. In other words, if you are incapable of growing hair this usually has to do with genetics, which means there is no shampoo or cream in the world that is going to provide you with the miracle results you and everyone losing their hair are really looking for.

The products that you buy over the counter are expensive. If one doesn’t work, you may buy another one and then another one. Over time, you may be spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars to try and find a solution. At some point, you should stop and consider seeing a doctor who will be able to figure out what you are experiencing is hair loss and hopefully that Doctor can tell you what can be done about it, and either help you with a solution or send you to a specialist who can and will help you solve and resolve, and even reverse the issue.

Once you sit down with the right doctor, you can learn about all of the options that exist for you. Whether you experienced the hair loss as a result of stress, genes, chemotherapy or something else, this needs to be identified. From there, it will be easier to determine what can be done so you don’t have to keep wasting your money on all of the miracle products that just don’t work.

The doctor is likely going to talk to you about medical hair restoration and what it can do for you. You can finally get the appearance of a full head of natural growing hair that you have been trying to get. When you measure the lasting results you get for the rest of your life, and then factor the cost based on a lifetime it is really just pennies a day to have your hair on your head and in your mirror looking at you every day.  Once you meet with the doctor, you can then go home and throw out all of the products that are under your sink – and you will never have to buy another one again. Usually the maintenance for a hair transplant is haircuts and shampooing—Period.

Too much money is wasted on products that attempt to resolve hair loss issues every year. Hair restoration with a medical facility like ours is the only way to go and truly know. Once you come in for a free consultation at our state of the art facility, you can find out what procedure is right for you and get started –once you do you will be watching your hair and your self-esteem start growing again in no time at all. Most importantly you will stop seeing your hair and your money going down that proverbial drain.

Unique Hair Restoration Opportunities

An associate of mine contacts me from Chicago and says, “On your next trip here I would like you to meet a new patient I’m working with, because I would feel comfortable if you could consult with me on this special patient.” My next trip to Chicago was in a few weeks, so we set up a consultation for me to meet my associate’s patient. So I’m in his office and this very nice sophisticated gentlemen comes to see us about a hair transplant. We begin to discuss his family background and what his goals are regarding coverage density and donor. It is at that point that I find out in a very straight forward discussion that this patient has committed to becoming a woman on the outside to match the woman he is on the inside. Although he knows that a wig is certainly an option for him, he would really prefer to be able to have his own hair back, with as much density as we could provide him, so he could color and style his hair to suit his needs. That was approximately fifteen months ago when, let’s call him Nick came to see us and he was just beginning his transformation to Nicki.

Way before anyone was talking about Caitlyn Jenner

He was in the midst of performing many services to help his transformation become a reality, including helping him eliminate his beard, get his complexion smooth and tight, liposuction to help sculpture his/her body to start to look much more feminine, and a long term plan to help create her own natural hair growing on her head for the rest of her life. The most important part of the hair transition was making sure she had enough donor to cover the horseshoe hair loss Nicki was suffering from. Donor area hair is like a gold mine, once you are able to get all the gold out of the mine, all that’s left is a worthless cave. In Nicki’s case we had to start in the back and work our way forward. She was going to have a forehead reconstruction to reshape her brow, raise her eyebrows, and remove the wrinkles in that area. This was also going to give us an opportunity to create a female hairline for her on the 2nd hair procedure, and at the same time we would be able to completely cosmetically cover the scar left from the brow surgery which went across the top of her head nearly ear to ear. As we try to stress for all our patients long term planning is imperative.

As pre-planned the donor was able to connect the front to the back

Nicki came in with a warm excited positive attitude for her 2nd procedure, and we were so happy and honored that she had put her trust in our hands to help make her dream a reality. We also realized that this could be an entirely new group of patients for us to work with and assist them in completing a total transition. Men and women alike want their own natural growing hair as opposed to wearing a wig. As many of my patients tell me just waking up and walking into the bathroom and seeing hair is so great… their hair may be a mess but at least it is their hair and it is there. We just completed Nicki’s 2nd procedure and we will have to wait around 6 months to see how the results come out, but if it is anything like the first procedure she is going to love it and we will all be so proud and pleased.

Transgender people have a new and unique client for Hair Restoration

Nicki may need a 3rd and final procedure once everything is grown in just to cover whatever areas need more density, but this should be a much smaller surgery, and we still have donor to work with since this was a part of the long term plan. One may not agree with Nick’s need to break out of his shell and begin a new fresh life, but you must agree that as long as she is not harming anyone she has every right to do it. That being said I am a Doctor first, and I respect and appreciate what people like Nicki and Kaitlin Jenner feel that their new found freedom and look has brought to them physically and emotionally. The truth be told, the exterior is secondary compared to what it has given Nicki and others I have treated. They have a new found confidence, a warmth and caring they project from the inside out. This is truly an extension of self they have found and are now sharing with the world. We at Physicians Hair Restoration are so proud to be able to help in the process of changing these caterpillars into the butterflies they always knew they could be. For me, hair restoration surgery is about helping people feel better about themselves. It is exciting to me to be a physician who can offer assistance to a person who was trying to find peace within themselves.

Hair transplant, Spring Texas – Woman 47

A 47 year old woman needing hair transplants in Spring, Texas came to us about 1 year ago. We gave her a complete diagnostic hair loss evaluation, and determined that she indeed had a hair loss problem that could be solved with hair transplant surgery. She had frontal hair loss, with a receding hair line in the temples much like a man, and there was no evidence that there was any disease that would prevent transplanted hair grafts from growing. We scheduled the woman for hair transplant surgery to be performed.

In March of 2010 is when this nice woman drove in from Spring Texas and we preformed a 1500 graft hair transplant treatment. She did very well, enjoying a nice lunch and her favorite “Soaps” while having the procedure done. She recovered and was back to work in just three days. I saw her a today and she has had extraordinary results, already modifying her hairstyles in ways that expose the hairline she has not had in years.

If your a woman suffering from hair loss of any kind, please contact our office and schedule your free hair loss consultation. Helping people fell better and more confident is what we do! Call 1-800-(877) 255-4424.