Baldness is more than on your head…

If baldness is more than on your head, it’s on your mind then you need to find out more about hair restoration.  If your rear view mirror or the windows of buildings are a constant sneak peek to see if those few strands of hair you have plastered down are still in the right place, than you are suffering from more than hair loss.  Actually you have become obsessed with your hair loss, but what are you doing about it? There are many options available to you today, all you have to do is “Google” hair loss or baldness and you will see fixes that add up to thousands of products and billions of dollars.  So what should you do?

There is only one sure thing that works!

Ask yourself if you want to try spending lots of money on potions and lotions that claim to work or do you want to invest in a procedure that is certain to regrow your hair and will last for the rest of your life? Ask yourself, what is holding you back from this life-changing event?  Hair restoration could be one of the best things that you ever do for yourself, but so many men and women know this, but just won’t do it because they keep trying to find that magic bullet that will just work. Well it isn’t magic, but once you make the commitment to do it, in a few months when your hair is growing and flowing you will feel like it was.  So the BIG question is…

What’s stopping you?

Is it the fear of surgery? Do you think that it may be painful?  Or…are you concerned about how it will ultimately look? I can tell you from firsthand experience that if you’re baldness bothers you, hair restoration surgery will be one of the greatest things that you ever do for yourself.  I had it done and have performed it on thousands of patients throughout my career and I can humbly state that nearly every patient has told me and thanked me for changing their life. My patients feel like they joined a secret fraternity of guys who not only have their hair back, but also have the self-esteem back that they didn’t even know they were missing.

Let’s address each issue You may have…

The surgery is virtually painless. You are awake and comfortable throughout the entire process. Whether it is FUE or FUT your head is numb, so you are spending the majority of the time watching movies and sharing stories with the medical team. Once it is over you may feel a little discomfort the first night but notice I did not say pain.  Years ago this situation was extremely painful and you were laid up and swollen for days, but that was in the 80’s and 90’s.  Today our biggest problem is convincing folks how painless today’s techniques and medication are during and after it is over. Guys are shocked about how easy it is and how fast they are out and about, in many instances the night of the procedure.

Now let’s talk about results!

I’ll bet you didn’t know that the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure in the world for men is Hair Restoration.  You pass men who have had it done every day and don’t realize it because it looks so good and is so natural.  Yes, you see bad results from the 80’s and 90’s because that was how the treatments were done, but not anymore.  As far as results… when you have it done with a great doctor and a great team of highly trained technicians… you get great, natural looking results. At Physicians Hair Restoration Center we have it all, and the empathy and knowledge to deal with all your physical and emotional issues.  So if baldness or thinning hair is bothering you put a stop to it immediately.  Once you pick up your phone and schedule a free consultation that is the moment you are no longer bald. So just do it!

Change Your Hair Loss Situation and Change Your Life!

Unknown History of Hair Loss #3: “THE SAMPSON SYNDROME”

Almost everyone knows the Biblical tale of Sampson and his hair. As a matter of fact, Sampson could be the reason why so many men seem to suffer from Hair Loss. Well in case you have not stayed up to date on your Bible stories, or if you have never heard of Sampson, I’ll provide you with a brief synopsis of Sampson and his hair – or lack thereof.

Hair all over his pillow, sound familiar?

So Sampson woke up and saw hair all over his pillow.  He reached up, touched his head and realized he was bald. He had told his lover Delilah that his strength was in his hair, because that was what God had told him. While he was napping Delilah gave him a trim that left him hairless. His posture slumped, and he felt all of his strength was gone…but was it really?

When he lost his hair he lost his strength – or so he believed!

Well according to the Bible he was taken prisoner and put into the dungeon in the King’s castle, where they proceeded to blind him as well.  Now comes the big question: was his strength really gone or did he just believe it was gone because his faith in God was so strong? Well he probably still had his strength but his confidence was shattered. The woman he cared about took his one secret and betrayed him.  Sampson was devastated, and I can relate because I know when I was losing my hair I felt I looked like a goof.  Baldness and thinning hair was just not the way I wanted to see myself. And if your hair is thinning or you’re bald, I’m sure you’ve thought about Sampson many times; I know I did.

Mirrors become enemies, and you really think you have no control!  I’d walk past mirrors and realize that I did not look like me anymore.  Not only did I not look right, but I felt myself getting depressed because I wanted to stop my growing forehead, but I really had no control over the hand Mother Nature was dealing  me. I had fallen victim to the dreaded


I just couldn’t accept this new me that I was locked into, but then I found a way out.  I found Physicians Hair Restoration Center.  For years they have been achieving outstanding results for their clients, and they can do the same for you.   If you’re suffering from the Sampson Syndrome or you just hate losing your hair, make a real difference in your life, not just the way you look, but the way you feel about yourself. Be like Sampson and grow your hair back and renew your strength, confidence and self-esteem.  Just call Physicians Hair Restoration Center …You have nothing to lose, and think about all you can gain.

Unknown History About Hair Loss

Back in the fifteenth and sixteenth century there was a famous actor who was playing the lead in almost every play that was performed on the stages of London. He was truly the master of his craft and if he were acting today he would be considered for academy awards every year. He was loved by more than the theater community, he was also so handsome that the woman throughout the land were all longing to be with him.

He had the world at his feet and then it went to his head

As he started to get older he noticed that his forehead was getting larger and larger. It wasn’t that his forehead was growing it was his hairline was receding. Suddenly he began to feel very self-conscious that his good looks were leaving as his hair was thinning. He stopped auditioning for major roles, and started to stay home and began writing plays instead of performing in them. The more he wrote the less he wanted to be on stage and the more he looked in the mirror at his giant forehead the more he felt compelled to write.

His hair loss was the major motivation for a historical legend…

We all know this man’s body of work, but what we didn’t know was William Shakespeare is not only the most legendary playwright in history, but his hairline was even named after him. A Shakespearian hairline is a person who recedes back to the middle of his scalp or more, but maintains the hair in his crown. And according to legend, had he not lost his hair he probably would have remained an actor and never written the masterpieces that have withstood the test of time.

Fact or Fiction, if you relate to this story then it is true for you

This is Dr. Carlos Puig, and although this story makes sense to me and many of my patients, I made it up after hearing the stories of many of my patients and how their hair loss had affected their jobs, marriage and even parenting. The good news is because of their ability to reverse their hair loss with a hair restoration procedure(s), they were able to continue to go back to what had made them successful in the first place with added confidence and focus. As I say to my patients, “If your hair loss is on your mind it is because it is not on your head”. Losing your hair in many men and women becomes an obsession that does not allow you to concentrate clearly on many of the important aspects of your profession and your relationship with your loved ones. If Shakespeare were alive today he would definitely be a patient of mine and would be winning Academy Awards for his acting, not his writing…But that is a different story. There are many more hair loss history stories I will share with you in my blogs, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy creating them.

Get The Gift You Want This Christmas

The Holiday season with all the parties, presents and pictures…I hated it, and then that dreaded moment when my wife says…”Honey give me the camera and you open your gifts.” I just couldn’t believe how much I was dreading being in front of the camera when I used to love it.

Well if you’re bald or your hair is thinning you know exactly what I mean….But that was last year, then I called Physicians Hair Restoration Center to see if I could have my own hair growing on my head again, because enough was enough. Losing my hair or being bald just wasn’t the way I wanted to be.

Santa, any way to have a full head of hair again?

Sure enough, Dr. Puig the Medical Director at Physicians Hair Restoration Center understood what I was going through physically, mentally and emotionally. The Dr. and I had a great consultation, or really just a comfortable discussion about what I wanted and what he could do. He answered all my questions, explained how easy the procedure was for me the patient, and showed me all the options that were available to me.

Amazing One Hour Changed my Life

AMAZING…in one hour I understood that baldness did not have to be a part of my future and I could have my own natural hair growing for the rest of my life. I scheduled my procedure for three weeks later. It was quick, easy and very affordable compared to what my hair loss was costing me. It was always on my mind, and the minute I was done I could feel my confidence and a whole new attitude come over me. I became the me I had been before—Again.

That was then and this is now…

That was last Christmas and now I have the best gift I could have ever given myself, a youthful appearance, better looks, re-kindled confidence and a new attitude. So thank you Dr. Puig and your entire staff for all that you gave me, which was more than just hair, you truly changed my life. I am writing this so that hopefully my experience can change others who were and are feeling like I was. That was last year and this year I am in front of the camera again with a smile on my face, a twinkle in my eye and a whole lotta hair growing on my head.

Forget it Santa, I found Dr. Puig, and he delivered!!

Out of Control

It’s so sad that as men start to lose their hair they also feel like they are losing control of their youth and their good looks.  The more hair they lose the more frustrated and angry they become.  As a physician who has worked with men and women for nearly 4 decades, I have been involved in almost every type of cosmetic procedure imaginable, but having dealt with men facing hair loss, I’ve learned they are a completely different breed. Continue reading Out of Control

Is Hair Loss Genetic?

Hair loss occurs with alarming frequency in both men and women and can be attributed to many factors. One of the most commonly suspected causes is a genetic disposition. But is hair loss really genetic? Some say that your father or your mother’s father will pass on the propensity for baldness, and there is some truth to this.

Women’s hair loss is typically due to factors apart from genetics, such as a medical issue or chemical imbalance within in the body, but men’s hair loss can often be traced back to the effects of a male hormone called dihydrotestosterone, commonly referred to as DHT. Many men facing hair loss or baldness may have inherited a pattern of DHT-sensitive hair follicles on the scalp. As DHT levels increase at puberty, these sensitive follicles will replace themselves in shortened phases and will eventually stop growing altogether.This can happen within a few short years or take several decades. The affected individual may see complete baldness, thinning hair, or pattern baldness.

Can Genetic Hair Loss Be Treated?

While a genetic predisposition to hair loss does not always guarantee that you will experience baldness, there is an increased chance that you might. Unfortunately there is no way to change your genetic code and rid you of the predisposition, but if you should start to experience hair loss, there are a number of treatments available.

Hair transplant procedures can be very effective in treating hair loss caused by DHT issues. The best way to know what options may be effective in your unique case is to consult with a hair restoration expert. Hair loss physicians understand the many causes of baldness and can perform a thorough examination to give you tailored answers about your situation.

Hair transplant, Spring Texas – Woman 47

A 47 year old woman needing hair transplants in Spring, Texas came to us about 1 year ago. We gave her a complete diagnostic hair loss evaluation, and determined that she indeed had a hair loss problem that could be solved with hair transplant surgery. She had frontal hair loss, with a receding hair line in the temples much like a man, and there was no evidence that there was any disease that would prevent transplanted hair grafts from growing. We scheduled the woman for hair transplant surgery to be performed.

In March of 2010 is when this nice woman drove in from Spring Texas and we preformed a 1500 graft hair transplant treatment. She did very well, enjoying a nice lunch and her favorite “Soaps” while having the procedure done. She recovered and was back to work in just three days. I saw her a today and she has had extraordinary results, already modifying her hairstyles in ways that expose the hairline she has not had in years.

If your a woman suffering from hair loss of any kind, please contact our office and schedule your free hair loss consultation. Helping people fell better and more confident is what we do! Call 1-800-(877) 255-4424.