PHRC Creates Advanced Solutions for Hair Growth

[Posted on June 9th, 2014 by Dr. Carlos Puig]

Puig Hair restoration Center brings new hope to people wanting to regrow a healthy head of hair.  The average person tries gels, shampoos and other medications advertised as a way to grow hair. Unfortunately these remedies do not work. Clients interested in a hair transplant in Houston will find Dr. Puig looks at this problem scientifically. Working with the process of Follicular unit extraction offers patients new hope and the best results for re-growing hair.

Some see hair loss as a product of nature and feel there is no recovery. Fortunately, Dr. Puig has successfully helped people since 1977 regenerate hair. This Houston surgeon has assisted over 10,000 patients. Dr. Puig helps patients at his office location at Physicians hair restoration at the Galleria at 59 and Fountainview Houston, TX. Dr. Puig has established in practice the restoration of hair growth with follicular extraction.

It is possible to go for years trying every possible over the counter remedy and still not find the right formula to grow hair. Many products are costly and people spend thousands of dollars trying to find a solution. Research on hair transplant in Houston is ahead of most hair growing procedures. Minoxidil is an alternative treatment that rejuvenates hair growth in over 30% of male users. The use of the Lexington Hairmax Lasercomb reduces the speed of hair loss. This procedure has shown no side effects. This tool has 61% success rate in men and but the drug Propecia has a 67% success rate and is recommended by to male hair loss sufferers.

The process of hair transplanting is the only permanent solution for hair restoration. Dr. Puig has studied hair and its growth patterns for many years and understands both female hair loss and male hair loss. The PHRC clinic uses the newest technological advances combined with approved medications to enhance the growth and look of your hair.

Hair transplant surgery is not a free product but it is affordable at the Houston clinic. Hair loss is an unpleasant experience and makes many people feel embarrassed. Hair transplant in Houston hair restoration gives people back their confidence and a younger appearance. Solve the problem of baldness by seeking the assistance of a medical professional trained in the field of hair restoration.

Although, men and women bald slightly different, each group responds positively to hair growth therapy and benefit equally. Users are pleased with the results and the change in appearance is amazing. Regaining the look of youthful vitality is a positive reflex of hair restoration. Most people are born with an attractive head of hair and wish to keep those lovely locks. Unfortunately, time and physical reasons may prevent this. Hair transplant in Houston has the solution to hair loss for men and women trying to restore hair.