Hair Loss for Women is Increasingly More Common

Maybe it is the environment, or possibly because women are living longer, or maybe it’s all the coloring and chemicals women are using on their hair, or even the effects from the decades of being on birth control. Maybe it is a combination of all of the above or none of the above. Somewhere along the way I am seeing more women in a month than I used to see in a year. Female hair loss is becoming more and more of a major issue. That being said the science and technology of today’s hair medications and restoration have given this new segment of the hair loss generation new hope.

There is new hope for women with Hair Loss

Women need to understand that there is a major difference that marketing experts are constantly trying to disguise. There is thickening your hair and growing more hair, and the difference between these two procedures is like putting a bandage on a cut or putting sutures or stiches on a cut. Many patients we see have purchased expensive shampoos or supplements off the web or from hair stylists claiming to thicken hair, and some of them actually do what they claim to do—add body or thickness to the patient’s hair. The problem is that the lady is really looking to have more hair not necessarily thicken the thinning strands that she has left.

There are many options that may help, but only one real solution

Today women have many options that may help them awaken their follicles and generate some regrowth. These options include Minoxidol, which comes in many products but is best known by the product name Rogaine. Another option is low level laser which includes one that is approved by the FDA call Hair Max, another option medically approved is a chemical taken orally called Finasteride, but better known as a pharmaceutical product called Propecia which is only recommended for post-menopausal women and a relatively new option is PRP treatments which may stimulate dormant follicles. The key word in the headline is all these treatments may slow down or stop hair loss or thinning, but rarely are any of these techniques successful at growing hair with the density most woman are looking for to style and grow to suit their expectations.

The Real answer that really gives Women much more than Hair!

Contemporary Hair Restoration Surgery can be the only real way to bring women back their hair as well as their self-esteem and the ability to go out in public and look and feel great about themselves. Hair loss to anyone, men or women, can be a very traumatic occurrence, but when it comes to women it is very often devastating. Today I am so proud that we can finally offer techniques that not only work scientifically but also work aesthetically. Today we can at least give the appearance that we have reversed Female Pattern Hair Loss, and eliminate the see through hair loss that many women are suffering with. Our biggest problem is education, and constantly having to fight against gigantic advertising budgets for products that don’t work but try to convince the public that they are the miracle solution that women have been looking for. Today we are not only seeing more women, but we are successfully treating more women, so yes Ladies, Female Hair Loss does not have to be a jail you are locked in because finally we have the key to offer you the freedom you and your appearance have been looking for.