Every Poker Player has a Tell

A few years back the World Series of Poker had thousands of players waiting in line to get in the week long tournament and the buy in was $10,000.  Online Poker was a huge rage where people could sit in their pajamas and play poker with people from all over the world.  If you were good and lucky you could win a fortune, by the same token, people were also losing fortunes which was one of the reasons why the government decided that Online gambling should be and became illegal. As fun as it was, even the Online experts found when they sat in a real game nothing compared to the face to face play where you could really size up your opponent.

When it comes to hair loss who is the real opponent

By now I’m sure you are wondering what does poker have to do with hair loss, after all, you are on a hair loss site reading this blog.  Well there are two similarities to poker and thinning hair, one is “The Tell”.  The tell is a sign where your opponent does something that shows you that they have a strong or weak hand, for example he can tap his finger or chew his thumb nail or even rub his temple…all these and many more tip off a good player when the person on the other side of the table does this consistently, which exposes a strength or usually a weakness.

The cover up tell

In Hair Loss, if you see a fellow in an area like a bar or airport or really anywhere inside wearing a baseball cap, it is usually a tell that he is covering his head because he doesn’t like how his hair, or lack of it, looks.  This is the cover up tell, and you can bet it is almost always right.  The other similarity is that there are certain hands that have a better chance of winning than other hands.  Every combination of cards have different odds or percentages to be able to win.  The same concept is applicable to different techniques for fixing hair loss.

To win make sure the odds are in your favor

There are all kinds of different ways and claims to make your hair grow.  Most shampoos and conditioners may help your hair look better, but there is no shampoo that will make your follicle stronger and make your hair grow.  Minoxodil, better known as Rogaine has been on the market for men and women for years, and yet almost every patient we see has tried it and failed.  Even if it worked the odds hair it didn’t work enough to give you long strong growing hair that gives you coverage and you can style.  Then there are low level lasers, but only 2 or 3 have FDA approval which means the company that owns them has gone through great efforts and expense to do studies to prove that their equipment works to grow and/or retain your hair.  Retaining your existing hair is a better chance than really growing back the hair you have lost.  Propecia is the same story as the low level laser.  This is a pill that has been around for around a decade and for every person who has tried it I would venture a guess there are at least 2 who tried and quit versus 1 who tried and stayed and felt they got some kind of result, even if it is just retaining what they have.

Only one way to have a winning hand every time

Hair Restoration which is done with two techniques now is a sure bet.  We do the Strip technique and the FUE technique. Both work fabulously taking the follicles out and with the right Dr. and veteran techs putting them in is the real artistic finale to having your own natural growing hair again flowing on your head for the rest of your life.  The technology has never been better, the post-op recovery is quick and easy, the cost has never been lower, and the result is spectacular.  So just like poker if you want to win the game, know the odds and use your head …for you hair loss.

Hair Restoration is always a Winning Hand