Everyone Has a Hair Loss Story, I Hear Them All the Time!

When I would consult with young men in their 20s I would usually hear about how thick their hair used to be and then one day they looked in the mirror and realized that they could not deny hair loss was becoming a larger and larger part of their head and their life. That was the similar story I would get from men in their 30s, and 40s and so it goes.

The numbers keep growing, not hair

It’s amazing but only 20% of the men in their 20s have hair loss, and 30% of men in their 30s, 40% in their 40s and it just keeps growing. 70% of the men in their 70s, and believe it or not, we see plenty of men in their 60s and 70s.  Everyone thinks they all have a unique story, but the truth is that most of the stories are very similar. There is an old saying in show business, “All the side men want to be front men and all the front men want to go home.”  Everyone thinks there story is unique but the universal truth is no one wants to lose their hair no matter what age they are.

What changes are the reasons you stay bald?

I have heard all the reasons or should I say excuses why men stay bald (we will address women in a separate blog, since they are a completely different species), and once again I will try to share many of the excuses, but there is really only one reason…do you know what the real reason is?

I have heard that they can’t afford the procedure that it is too expensive. It is for this reason that we offer financing plans for the few who really are having financial issues. I have heard that they are going to wait till more hair falls out so they can do it all at once, when realistically have you ever seen a man who has hair so thin that you think he is handsome. Most of these people grow a beard, shave their head, or put on a cowboy hat from the moment they awaken till they go to bed.

I have heard that they don’t believe they are losing their hair because their Dad has a great head of hair—really, then why are you in my office?

And the excuses continue…

Then there is the one where the prospect has seen someone who has had a bad hair transplant and he would never want to look like that. I explain that what he saw was an old transplant which was done with the best technology we had in the old days, but either he saw a patient who was done then, or  a patient who never finished or who was done by a Dr. who was not experienced with all the newest technologies. This is not the work of a contemporary experienced surgeon. And, finally there is the “I don’t have time now, but when I can fit it into my schedule I’ll do it because I really want hair.”  If you really want hair you will find the time to get it done, because today, you usually don’t even have to take time off with how advanced today’s technology has become.

The universal truth is–

Fear is the universal truth that is the hidden factor behind all of the excuses. Whether you are 25 or 75, fear of the unknown may keep you away from doing, looking and feeling the way you want to be the rest of your life. Fear of the word surgery, fear of pain, fear of the people you have chosen to do the procedure with, fear of the final result and how you will look. Fear has made failures out of many situations and many, many people. Overcoming your fears is a common denominator that has made people very successful, and allowed people to live and fulfill their dreams.

Hair restoration surgery will change your life?

I have seen thousands of patients overcome their fear and take the leap of faith to become my patient. Today they look and feel better about who they are and what they have accomplished with their life. They know that their hair had a very influential effect on their overall attitude and how they approached every day. From their overall self-esteem and confidence to being a better man, father, husband and business professional their decision to go forward with hair was a fork in the road and every one of them will tell you they chose the right way to go. The road to having hair may be the road less traveled, but it is definitely the right way to go, I know because my patients tell me everyday.

Scalp Micropigmentation

As hair restoration processes and technology have developed and produced better results, micropigmentation has emerged as a technique that has greatly improved over the past few years. This option offers the illusion of real hair and a quite different result than other restoration techniques such as medication, transplants, or FUE procedures. Continue reading Scalp Micropigmentation

Is Hair Loss Genetic?

Hair loss occurs with alarming frequency in both men and women and can be attributed to many factors. One of the most commonly suspected causes is a genetic disposition. But is hair loss really genetic? Some say that your father or your mother’s father will pass on the propensity for baldness, and there is some truth to this.

Women’s hair loss is typically due to factors apart from genetics, such as a medical issue or chemical imbalance within in the body, but men’s hair loss can often be traced back to the effects of a male hormone called dihydrotestosterone, commonly referred to as DHT. Many men facing hair loss or baldness may have inherited a pattern of DHT-sensitive hair follicles on the scalp. As DHT levels increase at puberty, these sensitive follicles will replace themselves in shortened phases and will eventually stop growing altogether.This can happen within a few short years or take several decades. The affected individual may see complete baldness, thinning hair, or pattern baldness.

Can Genetic Hair Loss Be Treated?

While a genetic predisposition to hair loss does not always guarantee that you will experience baldness, there is an increased chance that you might. Unfortunately there is no way to change your genetic code and rid you of the predisposition, but if you should start to experience hair loss, there are a number of treatments available.

Hair transplant procedures can be very effective in treating hair loss caused by DHT issues. The best way to know what options may be effective in your unique case is to consult with a hair restoration expert. Hair loss physicians understand the many causes of baldness and can perform a thorough examination to give you tailored answers about your situation.

Causes of Women’s Hair Loss

Although the issue is typically thought to be male-oriented, research shows that up to 40% of hair loss patients are women. This problem is a sensitive topic for both men and women and can cause a drop in self-confidence and even depression. Although both genders suffer from hair loss concerns, the underlying causes can vary greatly.

Unlike male hair loss, female hair loss is more typically tied to a medical condition. When a woman visits a hair restoration physician, she will likely be requested to complete preliminary blood work, analyzing possible causes such as an autoimmune disease or complications of the thyroid gland.

Diagnosing the cause of the hair loss can also include an examination of the follicles. If the size of the follicles vary in size, the cause could be genetic. Also known as androgenetic alopecia, about 30 million American women suffer from this hereditary condition that causes hair follicles to be replaced with thinner, finer hair. This can eventually lead to hair ceasing to replace itself altogether and contribute to female pattern baldness.

The medical conditions that could cause female hair loss include many issues both common and rare. Pregnancy, anemia, thyroid disorders, and many autoimmune diseases can all cause or contribute to hair loss. Hair loss can sometimes be a more outward sign of medical issues, making it very important for a hair restoration physician to perform a thorough examination and chemical analysis for female patients.

Chemical treatments to the hair or certain styles can also damage the hair and inflict hair loss. These causes can often be addressed and successfully treated, although skin irritation can also accompany these issues.

Determining the underlying cause of women’s hair loss is crucial to start treatment. While some conditions are easier to recover from than others, an experienced hair restoration physician can help female patients understand their available options.

Healthy Hair With The Female Hair Replacement

[Posted on January 27th, 2015 by Dr. Carlos Puig]

Often, one of the first things that people notice about a woman is her hair. Is it long and full, short and sharp or something in between?  Society often links hair to youth and good health and beauty. So women experiencing female pattern baldness might feel old and unattractive. If you have some balding, female hair replacement might be an option for you.

Find Out If You’re A Good Candidate

You might be a good candidate for a hair replacement procedure if you have hair loss because of a recent trauma such as chemical burns or scarring from accidents.  If you’re recovering from a previous surgery and you worry about hair loss near your incisions, talk with a female hair replacement specialist.  In this case, hair replacement might also be an option.

Other situations in which you might be a good candidate for hair replacement include:

  • Traction alopecia
  • Female pattern baldness with vital donor areas
  • Loss of hair at the temples and hairline

Understand Where The Replacement Hair Come From

In pattern baldness, the sides and backs of the head often retain full, healthy, growing hair. Hair replacement specialists often take hair from these donor areas.  They often use a technique called follicular unit extraction, which involves removing individual hair follicles from the donor area and placing them in the balding area.

The process requires excellent hand eye coordination, and only specially trained specialists are capable of producing excellent results. An added bonus is that the scars in the donor area are barely noticeable, which means you can wear any hairstyle you desire.

Talk With A Specialist

Consult with a specialist if you experience female pattern baldness. This often happens after menopause when the flow of estrogen.  The hair loss is permanent, and if you’re comfortable with your appearance regular hair care works.  But, if you aren’t comfortable, female hair replacement might be an option. Undergoing a hair replacement procedure means you don’t have to accept baldness and you don’t need to wear wigs.

5 Interesting Facts About Women’s Hair Loss

[Posted on January 13th, 2015 by Dr. Carlos Puig]

More women are undergoing hair loss and seeking medical hair restoration. Here at Puig Hair Restoration Center, we have gathered together 5 interesting facts about women’s hair loss that you may not even be aware about. Find out where the most common areas women start to lose their hair, what some of the causes are, and how sometimes hereditary conditions play a part on which women will experience this condition.

1: Pregnancy can cause hair loss

If you suddenly find yourself losing your hair, it isn’t that you are pulling out your own hair trying to keep up with the overactive child. Pregnancy and other medical conditions can cause thinning hair. Medications that you have been taking can also cause the problem.

2: Menopause may not cause hair loss

There is no direct connection that menopause causes hair loss. Women around the age of 50 can start to see more thinning hair. So if you are around 50-years-old and you see that are losing your hair, don’t automatically blame the problem on menopause as you can ask our specialist here at Puig Hair Restoration Center about medical hair restoration.

3: Often we cause our own hair loss problems

You can pluck your eyebrows too much and damage your hair to the point where you will experience hair loss. Hair dryers, dyes, hot irons and other hair treatments simply damage the hair strands where it cannot repair itself. So you may have to get hair replacement services or an eyebrow transplant to restore the fullness of hair on your scalp or facial region.

4: Genes still play an important part in hair loss

Over 30 million women will have a hereditary condition that can cause hair loss. Androgenetic alopecia, or female pattern baldness, can be inherited by either of your parents. Often, our hair replacement specialists will ask if the women in your family have had a history of thinning or balding hair as this sign could be an indication of this condition.

5: Hair loss doesn’t always happen in the front

Sometimes you will experience thinning hair along the top and back of your scalp. You will see the volume of your hair diminish as it grows thinner. Since every woman is different, you may experience the loss in different places. Our medical hair restoration specialists can talk to you more about the problem and ways that will help restore the volume of your hair.

Top 4 Reasons to Get Hair Restoration in Houston

[Posted on December 7th, 2014 by Dr. Carlos Puig]

For many men, the thought of losing hair is worrisome. You may not want to look the way your father did or you may want to look younger. With hair restoration in Houston widely available, there is no need for you to put off getting the care and the look you desire. It makes sense that you should select this procedure for your own reasons, but here are a few very good ones to keep in mind.

#1: You don’t like the way hair loss looks

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, millions of people experience hair loss and the most common reason for it is hereditary factors. In other words, there isn’t anything you can do to stop it from occurring. However, with hair restoration in Houston, you may be able to slow it or reverse it.

#2: You want to look younger

Another main reason to consider this procedure is because it can help you to look significantly younger. That can give you the confidence you need to live life to the fullest.  It’s a good idea to consider just how effective this procedure process can be. Why not look your best?

#3: The procedure does not have to be risky

According to PlasticSurgery.org, many people are capable of having this procedure if they still have healthy hair growing at the back and sides of their head. The procedure is overall safe and for most people it is likely to be a success.

#4: Restoration is more affordable than you realize

When you come in to speak to a doctor about your options, you will learn just what to expect in terms of costs. For many people, this procedure is highly affordable. That means you can be suffering for no reason.

Everyone’s needs are different. It is important to talk about all of the options and the various steps available to you specifically with your doctor. However, when it comes to hair restoration in Houston, more and more people are taking the step to get hair that they love. The reason for it is simple. This is a safe and effective way of improving your confidence and your quality of life.

Top Reasons To Consider Hair Replacement In Houston

[Posted on December 4th, 2014 by Dr. Carlos Puig]

For many, dealing with hair loss is difficult. Many try various ways to boost  hair growth, using special shampoos and various over the counter remedies. When these options fail, hair replacement in Houston should be considered. It can be a simple surgery that allows you to get your hair back.

Improve Appearance

When you want to improve your appearance, a surgery for hair replacement in Houston can help.Usually, all that is involved is a transplantation from another area. The donor area will be used to give you natural hair that will grow on its own. Regular maintenance can be applied, such as: brushing, color, cut and styling the way you always have in the past. This may give a boost to your appearance at the same time.

Improve Self-Esteem

Hair replacement in Houston can give you a boost in self-esteem and self-confidence. As soon as you have a full head of hair again, you can stand tall and be confident with yourself. This can lead to better social situations and you may even become a better leader at work. This is because you won’t be wondering what other people are saying about you and you will be happier with your reflection in the mirror every morning.

Put People at Ease

You may be fine with the baldness, but other people may not be. It can be a double standard, but not everyone is okay with seeing spotty patches or baldness, especially on people of authority. If you need to explore female hair replacement, Puig Hair Restoration Center has a long history of conducting successful surgeries.

Obtain a Permanent Solution

After experiencing hair loss, you need to look at a permanent solution for regaining your hair. There are various methods that are not tried and true and that are not permanent. This means you could get your hopes up only to find that the hair is not growing as you had hoped. Hair replacement in Houston is a surgery that has worked for many and Puig Hair Restoration Center offers a guarantee where they will work with any areas that do not take as long as there is an additional donor site.

Female Hair Replacement Options

[Posted on November 23rd, 2014 by Dr. Carlos Puig]

Female hair loss can be a traumatic experience for women. In our society women are largely judged upon their physical appearance, therefore when you can not maintain your physical appearance like you would wish it can take a toll on your emotional well being. Here are a few tips to help individuals who are dealing with female hair loss or considering female hair replacement and overcoming the emotional effects it can have of them.

Focus on the Positive

Although your hair loss may feel like the biggest thing happening to you right now, it is important to try and focus on other positive aspect of your life and physical self. Spending time on other aspects of your physical appearance can sometimes increase your confidence levels. Buying new clothes or having a makeover done can help you to redirect your negative thoughts on to more positive aspects of your self. It is also important to focus on the things in your life that are going well such as family relationships or work successes.


Researching your hair loss condition or researching how other women have dealt with their hair loss can give you a sense of empowerment. One of the things that contributes to frustrations with female hair loss is a sense that you are the only one dealing with this problem. This is not true. Many women deal with hair loss. Viewing photos of other women who have dealt with hair loss is also comforting to many people who are experiencing this difficulty.

Know Your Options

One of the best ways to take control of your hair loss is to understand that you do have options. Today’s technology offers a variety female hair replacement treatments for women. Many people will attempt to deal with their hair loss on their own for a time. Eventually it becomes evident that the hair loss is beyond their control and they will then reach out for therapeutic answers. There is a great sense of relief in knowing that there is a solution to your hair loss problems.

There several pharmaceutical options for hair restoration which patients have found to be very efficient in dealing with their hair loss. Pharmaceutical hair restoration is usually a first option for hair loss patients.

New laser technology offers even better options for hair restoration. Laser light has now been proven to stimulate hair follicles giving those suffering from hair loss a better chance at re-growing their own natural hair.

In special or difficult cases hair restoration surgery is an option. Hair transplants are actually grafted into the scalp to stimulate hair growth during a medical hair restoration procedure.

It is important to know that there are options for you to help you overcome your hair loss.