A Trip to China: Talking Hair Restoration in Beijing

Hair Restoration surgery is making vast advances in the medical field all around the world. Every year, new discoveries are made that aid in the advancement of hair restoration treatment in exciting ways. Often, due to constant research findings and growing interest in advancing the treatment, conferences are held regarding hair restoration in which doctors exchange their discoveries and information on the practice of hair restoration surgery.  Continue reading A Trip to China: Talking Hair Restoration in Beijing

Breaking the Red Tape on Electronic Health Record Systems

Current electronic health records regulations are negatively impacting physicians across the country. Not only are these mandates complicated and costly, they also affect the physician-patient relationship, taking time way from doctor visits and follow-ups.

Dr. Puig supports breaking the red tape

This week, I’m attending the American Medical Association’s Interim Meeting where we’re helping Break the Red Tape for physicians across the country and their patients. Help me and the AMA #FixEHR today!

You can learn more about the fight for better health record regulations at http://breaktheredtape.org/

Texas Cosmetic Surgery Society Annual Meeting

Dr. Carlos Puig is proud to be speaking at the 2015 Annual Meeting of the Texas Cosmetic Surgery Society (TCSS). The gathering of physicians from across the State will take place at the River Place Country Club in Austin, Texas on April 18th and include topics ranging from anesthesia use to earlobe repair. Dr. Puig will be presenting a Hair Restoration Lecture at 2:00 p.m., sharing his insight into his field.

TCSS is a collection of board-certified surgeons who specialize in various fields of cosmetic surgery, including facial plastic surgery, oculoplastic surgery, oral surgery, and dermatologic surgery. The Annual Meetings brings these professionals together to share information, provide educational seminars, and discuss topics such as patient safety, ethics, and the latest technological developments in their fields.

Houston Hair Restoration Offers Cutting Edge Techniques

[Posted on August 27th, 2014 by Dr. Carlos Puig]

It’s natural to have a degree of anxiety about seeking help for hair loss.  That’s why, if you are looking at hair replacement in Houston, you will want to check out the Physicians Hair Restoration Center. Our founder, Dr. Carlos Puig, has been researching and performing hair restoration surgery since 1976.

The Doctor’s Credentials

Dr. Puig is a Fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, Fellow, ACEP, and the Diplomate, and Past President of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery.  The doctor instituted a practice of “patients before profits”, believing that your visit to our facility should result in your satisfaction and increased esteem.

Dr. Puig served as chair of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery Fellowship Training Committee, helping to complete the new Guidelines for International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery Fellowship Training Programs.  He is currently President Elect of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery Board of Governors.  These and the many other positions he served are a testimony to his commitment to helping you receiving the most up-to-date, innovative services possible in your care here.

Current Technologies

Recently we’ve been pleased to announce the inclusion of Follicular Unit Extraction, or FUE, in our line-up of care options available to our patients.  FUE involves the transfer of follicular units, which can contain more than one hair, from one place in the scalp to another.  This is one of the most popular options for hair restoration in Houston.

Since this process uses your own follicles, you can count on these follicles to grow for the rest of your life; a permanent solution to hair loss.  Extraction does not require any stitching, and the recovery time is fast, usually only three days.

There are also new techniques which utilize a laser to help increase or stimulate the rate of growth and normalize growth of hair on the scalp.  A consultation with our staff can tell you whether this is an option that would be helpful to you.

Supportive Care

In the process of researching hair restoration in Houston, our staff have discovered that copper plays a significant role in the support of the process.  Copper, through a complicated metabolic process, finds its way into the bloodstream and is used by essentially every cell.  It aids in healing, cell division, collagen and accelerated hair growth.

As a result, we offer Graft-Cyte, a post-op kit, which gives you everything you need to heal following a surgical transplant.  It is available only through our physician.

Old Vs. New Techniques

Many people have asked us if the new technologies can be used to correct problems from the past.  The answer to this is, “Yes, most likely,” but this can only be answered through a private medical consultation.  Our Center has addressed this many times with great success.

Hair Restoration In Houston Can Be Yours

[Posted on June 5th, 2014 by Dr. Carlos Puig]

If you are unhappy with the amount of hair that you have, then it may be time that you do something about it. If you have tried other methods, such as shampoos, sprays and prescription drugs, it may not have been dealing with the issue to your liking. There are many products available on today’s market, but they won’t help everyone. Hair restoration in Houston can be something for you to explore.

Technology has come a long way. You don’t see people wearing wigs and hairpieces as much as you used to and that’s because people have found better products. While some people are able to benefit from the over-the-counter products, others need a little more help. The only way to know for sure what will work is to talk to a doctor.

There is likely one reason or another as to why your hair is thinning or you are losing it completely and it may affect you regardless of gender. It may be as a result of genetics, a medical condition or even stress. Hair restoration in Houston can be obtained once you know why you are losing your hair.

It’s possible that you can get a hair transplant in Houston. This is literally where you get a transplant on your scalp so that you get the hair follicles needed to grow hair. What’s unique about this premise is that you will actually be able to grow all of your own hair again.

Many of the other products on the market don’t allow you to grow your hair. Some are hairpieces that you affix to your scalp while others allow you to spray on hair. Neither of these is going to allow you to grow hair and as such, you are going to have low self-confidence about your appearance.

The better answer is to take the time to look into hair restoration in Houston where you can find a medical reason as to why you are losing the hair and find a medical solution as to how to improve upon your appearance.

When you make an appointment at a hair clinic, a doctor will talk to you about all of the options. If the follicles are actually damaged, you may benefit from a transplant where more follicles are brought over. This is a long-term solution so you can grow your hair in the way that you desire without giving it another thought.

The best part about the restoration process is that it is going to be something you can count on. You won’t have to waste money on all of the products over-the-counter and wonder if they are going to work. You won’t have to watch any more infomercials because you can get the hair you want once and for all – and improve your appearance and self-confidence at the same time.

Dr. Puig Has Decades of Hair Restoration Experience

Achieving a natural look was always the goal of those seeking treatment for their hair loss. Unfortunately, for several years, there really wasn’t an option available that could consistently provide that result. But progress has been made and now there are legitimate solutions available for both men and women who are suffering from thinning hair. One Houston hair transplant facility that is setting the standard in the industry is the Physician’s Hair Restoration Center. Led by Dr. Carlos Puig, the PHRC continues to be at the forefront of all the major advancements related to medical hair restoration, including the very latest approaches to female hair replacement.

By never being content with the existing techniques, the team at the PHRC is always innovating and developing new approaches to help patients put a permanent end to their hair loss woes. Most recently Dr. Puig and his staff have been testing the effectiveness of injecting growth factors into women dealing with Ludwig’s type hair loss. The hope is that this will provide yet another female hair replacement option, a problem that has proven to be more complex than in men.

You can learn more about the work done at the Physician’s Hair Restoration Center by scheduling a free and confidential consultation. Dr. Puig conducts these consultations personally giving potential patients the opportunity to speak with an expert that’s been helping patients for more than 40 years. After your consultation, you’ll be confident that the PHRC can treat your hair loss for good.

Innovation Led To The Success Of The PHRC

One of the trademarks of the Physician’s Hair Restoration Center and head surgeon Dr. Carlos Puig is a constant drive to develop new techniques and approaches to treatment for those dealing with hair loss. This philosophy is one that has led to major advancements in the field of medical hair restoration and the reason that the PHRC was chosen to host an international workshop on the topic of female hair replacement. Hair transplantation for men has come a long way over the last few decades but similar procedures for women had been more difficult to develop due to a number of factors.

By working with his staff at the PHRC and his colleagues from around the world, Dr. Puig has made tremendous strides in female hair replacement. The result of this hard work is a hair transplantation procedure for women that is equally as effective as that for men. But Dr. Puig hasn’t stopped working on new techniques for female hair replacement.

The latest research has produced evidence that women with inherited Ludwig type hair loss could benefit from the injections of growth factors. This is something Dr. Puig is hoping to follow up on and put to the test. He’s currently searching for approximately 40 female patients who are open to trying this form of treatment. It’s this kind of innovation that led the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery to recently name Dr. Puig the new Vice President and President elect of their organization.

Hair Transplants with Physicians Hair Restoration Center

The Physician’s Hair Restoration Center in Houston is regarded as one of the leading facilities in the world for medical hair restoration. The head of the PHRC is Dr. Carlos Puig who has worked in the field for going on four decades. Dr. Puig was recently named the Vice President as well as the President Elect of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, an organization for which he’d previously served as treasurer. It’s a testament to the respect and credibility Dr. Puig has among his peers and others working within this industry.

During his career, Dr. Puig has seen a lot of changes in regards to how hair loss and hair thinning is treated. The goal of Dr. Puig and his colleagues has always been to find permanent solutions to these problems for both men and women, regardless of their specific kind of hair loss. That has often meant developing new ways to address these issues.

Hair transplantation and restoration involves taking hair follicles from a donor area and grafting them to the areas were the follicles have thinned. However, not every patient will have a suitable donor area. In these instances, Dr. Puig may recommend hair transplants. While this does require the use of artificial hair, when it’s performed by a skilled surgeon like Dr. Puig, this type of procedure can have the same natural looking results as hair transplantation. No matter what kind of hair loss you’re suffering from, Dr. Puig and the PHRC are prepared to offer you a solution.

Don’t Pay More For Bosley. Affordable Options at PHRC

While Bosley hair restoration may be well known, it doesn’t mean it’s the only, or even the best, option available for people dealing with thinning hair. Bosley is a name that has gained notoriety over the years because they’ve had a successful marketing campaign that has helped build their brand. Of course, they’ve also performed many successful hair restoration procedures over the years and are known for doing good work. But that being said, they are also extremely expensive, meaning many people are under the impression that they aren’t eligible for medical hair restoration because they think it’s something they can’t afford.

The Physician’s Hair Restoration Center, located in Houston, has been changing that perception over the last several years. We perform a procedure that is viewed by many to be equal to the more well known Bosley hair restoration and is generally much more affordable. The head of the PHRC, Dr. Carlos Puig, is extremely familiar with the Bosley hair restoration procedure and has been training physicians based on those same standards for several years, while also working to make improvements along the way.

We also want to make sure that anyone who is interested in medical hair restoration has the opportunity to have the procedure done, regardless of their budget. We offer financing options for patients that are concerned about the hair restoration cost. We know how difficult this problem can be to live with and what at relief it is to find a permanent solution.

PHRC Is Gaining National Attention

The medical hair restoration Houston residents have been so pleased with has begun to garner the attention of those in other parts of the state and across the country. The Physician’s Hair Restoration Center, led by Dr. Carlos Puig, has developed an effective solution to hair loss that is providing people with an opportunity to put their days of balding behind them. Dr. Puig has worked in the field for several years and his background has been instrumental in the success of the PHRC and the medical hair restoration that’s being performed. This isn’t simply a way to downplay the appearance of thinning hair, it’s a legitimate long term solution.

The PHRC first starts off by providing potential patients with a free and confidential consultation. This gives these patients an opportunity to learn what the PHRC is able to do for them and to see just how effective the procedure can be. People often come in understandably skeptical but once they see for themselves just how effective the medical hair restoration can be, they quickly grow interested.

It’s during this initial consultation that any issues regarding the hair transplant cost be discussed and laid to rest. That’s because we offer financing at the PHRC with no credit check so that anyone that wants to have this procedure done is able to do so. Hair loss is something that can be embarrassing and restricting. With the help of the PHRC, those issues can be laid to rest.