Hair Loss Treatment Helps You Enjoy Hair

[Posted on September 18th, 2013 by Dr. Carlos Puig]

Hair loss treatment for men has evolved over the years, from artificial looking hairpieces and greasy sprays to procedures that will restore your natural tresses. Hair loss is a condition that affects millions of men each year. This condition of thinning and balding hair can affect your self esteem, confidence and career. While many people simply suffer through the effects of male pattern baldness and thinning hair, there are treatments available that will allow you to enjoy a full head of thick, natural hair.

What Causes Male Pattern Baldness?

Over 95 percent of male baldness is caused by a condition called androgenic alopecia, or male pattern baldness. Male pattern baldness caused, in large part, by genes that make some men predisposed to hair loss. Coupled with male hormones, these genes make it almost guaranteed that some men will suffer from hair thinning and loss. Hair loss occurs when the hair follicle starts to shrink over time. The affected hairs become thinner and finer until the follicle eventually stops producing hairs. In the beginning, hair begins to recede from the hairline and the crown. Eventually the thinning and baldness spreads, creating a horseshoe pattern where hair only grows on the sides of the head. This pattern increases with age and has been known to affect nearly 40 million men in the United States alone.

Hair Loss Treatment for Men

There are several ways to treat hair loss in men. Dermatologists often prescribe topical treatments that stimulate the follicle and encourage hair growth. These ointments and creams are best for thinning hair, but are less effective is the area is already balding. Many men undergo hair transplantation to enjoy healthy natural hair. Best for areas of permanent baldness, hair transplants allow you to enjoy hair that is growing naturally from your scalp. These transplants are a one-time, outpatient procedure and don’t involve hair extensions, artificial hairpieces or sprays. Hair loss treatment for men not only restores your hair and treats baldness; it allows you to enjoy a more youthful appearance.

How Hair Transplants Work

Hairs growing from the back of the hair are typically resistant to balding. Hair transplantation works by removing those healthy hairs from the back of the scalp and relocating them to the balding area. Implanted hairs grow naturally for life. You can cut and style this hair as normal.

Follicular unit extraction is the most commonly performed hair transplantation procedure. During this procedure, the surgeon will extract follicles from the healthy area of the scalp and implant them, individually, into the affected area. This procedure is performed in the surgeon’s office on an outpatient basis. The procedure takes several hours to complete under local anesthesia. Most patients report little to no discomfort during the procedure and only slight soreness during the recovery period.

Hair transplantation is a life-changing decision. Instead of living with the effects of male pattern baldness, men are taking charge of their appearances and opting for hair transplants. With new advances in hair loss treatment for men, every man can enjoy thick, healthy tresses for life.

Advances With Hair Loss Treatment For Men

[Posted on August 21st, 2013 by Dr. Carlos Puig]

Given the growing number of Baby Boomers that’s currently trending at 78 million, it’s no wonder there’s more editorials covering the technological and medical advances in Hair Loss Treatment For Men.

According to research, experts are predicting that Baby Boomers will easily live between 10 to 25 years longer than their folks. Those who’ve reached retirement are usually more health conscious and show more interest in the image they project.

Many Boomers have transitioned from Weekend Warriors to Marathon Runners. There’s also an uptick in Boomers launching new business ventures. As a result, there’s increased interest in maintaining a youthful appearance.

Energized Boomers are blazing new lifestyle trails and exploring changes that include Hair Loss Treatment For Men. They embrace medical advances, exercise, healthy organic diets and vitamin supplements to increase energy, and help them look and feel better. Hair loss, or even thinning hair, is not something they plan to live with so they’re proactive in seeking professional help with Hair Loss Treatment For Men.

Female Hair Loss

Many Baby Boomer women, and those considerably younger, face the challenges for Female Hair Replacement. Although not openly discussed, this devastating hair loss problem is very real. It’s linked to many causes including major stress, harsh chemical hair products, over processing, hair styling damage, health conditions, genetics, and age, among others.

We see female hormonal changes tied to discontinuing the birth control pill. These changes can cause tremendous hair loss that’s confusing for women. Then, there’s the distress that Postpartum hair loss causes with women who have given birth. This hormonal hair shedding is frequently unexpected, and difficult for women to cope with emotionally. A New York Times article about hair loss and female pattern baldness is an excellent and very detailed overview.

Hair Loss Treatment For Men That Delivers

There are many causes for hair loss in men. The Hair Loss Culprits covers a wide array of issues and health conditions that are detailed in an interesting New York Times editorial.

Treatments include:

Single Hair Grafts are essential for the creation of a soft and natural frontal hairline.

Follicular Unit Hair Grafts are transplanted grafts of small groups of three or four hairs that occur naturally. This creates additional density and a more natural appearance when placed behind Single Hair Grafts. We’ve successfully performed over 10,000 procedures. Over 4,800 of these grafts were performed utilizing the latest modern techniques.

Scalp Reduction Currently, the removal of crown balding is only used as an adjunct when dealing with injury reconstruction and the updating of old hair transplant technology. In some cases, it’s also used on patients who are donor challenged.

Laser Photo-Therapy

Medical studies show that the revolutionary FDA approved LaserComb®, with its sleek design, provides a very effective for Hair Loss Treatment For Men. This amazing treatment also helps nourish the living cells that create the hair shaft because it increases nutrient rich blood flow to the cells.

The extraordinary technological and technique advancements that have taken place within the hair transplant industry combined with the dedication of highly skilled surgeons has made it possible for both men and women to realize their dreams of hair restoration.

Myths About Hair Loss Treatment for Men

[Posted on May 1st, 2013 by Dr. Carlos Puig]

Recently, the FDA has cracked down on the exaggerated claims and disingenuous products and procedures claiming to be a hair loss treatment for men. Even so, every year consumers purchase these misleading products with high expectations as to what these potential hair loss treatments can do. According to Linda Katz, who is the director of the Office of Cosmetics and Color at the Federal Drug Administration (FDA), misleading claims from marketers are nothing new. Katz continued stating that in recent years these misleading claims seem to be escalating.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons released its statistic data for 2012. The data shows that the number of cosmetic procedures done in 2012 is at a record high, totaling 14.6 million. Due to the drastic increase in people looking for ways to recapture or retain their youth, a number of marketers are misleading consumers into believing that their hair loss treatment for men are more effective than they really are.

Hair loss is a medical condition that is treatable. There are several medical research organizations dedicated to treating hair loss and it has a board-certification program dedicated to physicians who specialize in the treatment of hair loss. Just like some of the other cosmetic fields, hair loss treatment is filled with misinformation and myths.

Scalp Stimulation with Massage and Magnets

One of the enduring hair loss myths is that an individual can use magnets and massagers to stimulate his scalp and improve blood circulation to his hair follicles. The theory is that doing this reduces hair loss and promotes new hair growth. Currently, no reliable medical evidence exists to support this particular hair loss treatment for men theory.

Minoxidil’s Success Rate Somewhat Lacking

While Minoxidil is approved by the FDA as a treatment for hair loss, it does not work for everyone. Less than 40 percent of patients see results with non-prescription Minoxidil. Studies indicate that a patient’s hair follicles will not respond to this medication if he does not have the enzyme called sulfotransferase. This enzyme is responsible for converting the topically applied Minoxidil into the chemical necessary to stimulate hair follicles. Essentially, the sulfotransferase activates the Minoxidil.

That said there are other effective hair loss treatments available. These treatments include low-level laser therapy, hair transplants, as well as platelet-rich plasma.

Hair Transplants are an Effective Hair Loss Treatment for Men

About half of the men in America suffer hair loss by the time they turn 50. Most of this hair loss is hereditary. Now, transplantation can restore the lost hair offering patients a natural looking head of hair. This is possible because the surgeon uses the patient’s own hair for the transplant. Once an individual completes his hair transplant procedure, he will not need any more hair restoration surgery. The hair transplant procedure is the permanent solution to hair loss.

The Most Advanced Hairline Surgery Performed At The PHRC

Beth Bowes-Carter

The Physician’s Hair Restoration Center in Houston is considered one of the world’s leading facilities for hairline surgery. They’ve developed a procedure that has changed the way both men and women have been able to approach their hair loss. For years, these individuals that have noticed their hair thinning were frustrated by the lack of legitimate options that were available. Certainly there has been a long line of treatments released that have promised results but few have actually had any real effectiveness. This is what has made people so excited when they see the transformation undergone by patients at the PHRC.

Dr. Carlos Puig, the head of the PHRC, has been working in this field for nearly 40 years and has seen the various fad treatments come and go. He’s worked tirelessly to improve the options available for people with thinning hair and now performs a hairline surgery that finally serves as the permanent solution everyone has been waiting for.

If you’re interested in learning more about the medical hair restoration being done at the PHRC, contact them today to schedule your free confidential consultation. You’ll be under no obligation and you’ll be able to see for yourself why thousands of patients have visited the facility to put an end to their hair loss. You’ll speak with Dr. Puig and have the opportunity to ask him any questions you have about hairline surgery. This is also a chance for you to address any concerns you have about the hair restoration cost and how that shouldn’t be an obstacle to you receiving treatment.