Everyone Has a Hair Loss Story, I Hear Them All the Time!

When I would consult with young men in their 20s I would usually hear about how thick their hair used to be and then one day they looked in the mirror and realized that they could not deny hair loss was becoming a larger and larger part of their head and their life. That was the similar story I would get from men in their 30s, and 40s and so it goes.

The numbers keep growing, not hair

It’s amazing but only 20% of the men in their 20s have hair loss, and 30% of men in their 30s, 40% in their 40s and it just keeps growing. 70% of the men in their 70s, and believe it or not, we see plenty of men in their 60s and 70s.  Everyone thinks they all have a unique story, but the truth is that most of the stories are very similar. There is an old saying in show business, “All the side men want to be front men and all the front men want to go home.”  Everyone thinks there story is unique but the universal truth is no one wants to lose their hair no matter what age they are.

What changes are the reasons you stay bald?

I have heard all the reasons or should I say excuses why men stay bald (we will address women in a separate blog, since they are a completely different species), and once again I will try to share many of the excuses, but there is really only one reason…do you know what the real reason is?

I have heard that they can’t afford the procedure that it is too expensive. It is for this reason that we offer financing plans for the few who really are having financial issues. I have heard that they are going to wait till more hair falls out so they can do it all at once, when realistically have you ever seen a man who has hair so thin that you think he is handsome. Most of these people grow a beard, shave their head, or put on a cowboy hat from the moment they awaken till they go to bed.

I have heard that they don’t believe they are losing their hair because their Dad has a great head of hair—really, then why are you in my office?

And the excuses continue…

Then there is the one where the prospect has seen someone who has had a bad hair transplant and he would never want to look like that. I explain that what he saw was an old transplant which was done with the best technology we had in the old days, but either he saw a patient who was done then, or  a patient who never finished or who was done by a Dr. who was not experienced with all the newest technologies. This is not the work of a contemporary experienced surgeon. And, finally there is the “I don’t have time now, but when I can fit it into my schedule I’ll do it because I really want hair.”  If you really want hair you will find the time to get it done, because today, you usually don’t even have to take time off with how advanced today’s technology has become.

The universal truth is–

Fear is the universal truth that is the hidden factor behind all of the excuses. Whether you are 25 or 75, fear of the unknown may keep you away from doing, looking and feeling the way you want to be the rest of your life. Fear of the word surgery, fear of pain, fear of the people you have chosen to do the procedure with, fear of the final result and how you will look. Fear has made failures out of many situations and many, many people. Overcoming your fears is a common denominator that has made people very successful, and allowed people to live and fulfill their dreams.

Hair restoration surgery will change your life?

I have seen thousands of patients overcome their fear and take the leap of faith to become my patient. Today they look and feel better about who they are and what they have accomplished with their life. They know that their hair had a very influential effect on their overall attitude and how they approached every day. From their overall self-esteem and confidence to being a better man, father, husband and business professional their decision to go forward with hair was a fork in the road and every one of them will tell you they chose the right way to go. The road to having hair may be the road less traveled, but it is definitely the right way to go, I know because my patients tell me everyday.

You Can’t Judge a Book by its Cover

A few months ago a gentleman came in for a consult and as he walked through the door I was shock by his overall appearance.  He was dragging his left foot and had his left hand in his pocket. He literally had no teeth and was wearing what I have to call a huge pimp hat. The first thing that came out of his mouth was so slurred that I had trouble understanding anything he said. He said something about how my staff has to learn to speak slower on the phone especially when they hear someone is having problems communicating with them.  Actually the gentleman was giving me advice about how to improve my staff and my business, which I later passed on to them because he was right.  I asked him if he had suffered from a stroke, because all his symptoms pointed in that direction, but came to find out that he had been hit by a car and suffered major head trauma which included surgery and that also was why his arm and leg were so crippled. With all that was going on with this gentleman’s health and physical appearance, the one thing that bothered him most was his hair loss.

I have this convertible but the top won’t close

Once I finally got him to take his giant “pimp” hat off, I realized he was suffering with a Shakespearian hairline, no hair in front and all his hair was gone to about the middle of his head. He was calling it his convertible that wouldn’t close and said he needed three fingers of hair to get the roof to finally close again. As I examined him I knew that this poor soul would never be able to afford this procedure, but I didn’t want to belittle him by not giving him a complete and thorough examination, which I would do for any patient who took the time to come in and see me.  Using his analogy I explained that 3 fingers would not do what he had explained to me he wanted done.  He would need at least five fingers to get his top to totally close. He was going to need me to rebuild his entire hairline and fill in the space all the way back.  We were going to create an age appropriate recession for him and I felt we would make him look great about his hair again.

Now it was time to talk Dollars that made Sense

I really tried to make this procedure as affordable as possible for this “poor” gentleman who had gone through so much in his life.  Don’t get me wrong I try to be affordable for all my patients because all men and women who are suffering from hair loss should have the opportunity to have their own natural growing hair back on their head, but I was certain that this man was never going to be able to afford it.  Then I quoted him a fair price and he said that he forgot money, but if I would stay open till 6:00PM he would bring me $2,000 for a deposit and would bring me the rest the day of his Pre-op.  Well you could knock me over with a tooth pick.  I never thought was going to happen.  Then I found out we were the third place he had gone to and everyone had him in and out in ten minutes or less, and we were the only ones who took the time to take him seriously and gave him the chance to believe we were the people he could trust to do the job so it would look natural and great.

He got me, but taught me a great lesson!

When he came for the pre-op and I asked for the remainder of the money he owed he said he forgot it, and my heart sank.  Then he smiled and laughed and said, “Aha, I got you, you thought I forgot, but I have all the cash right here in my pocket!” He did get me, but today I got him, it is now about seven months later and his hair looks fabulous and the sparkle in his eye is even brighter than it was the day we met.  This man allows us to grow hair on him and his attitude and faith have been an inspiration that he has shared with us.

We Grew Hair on him and he sure Grew on us…

What an Inspiration!

Scalp Micropigmentation

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Thinning Hair Solutions

Do you find your confidence threatened by hair that’s becoming scarce? Our hair is one of the most important pieces of our image and appearance, and the onset of hair loss can have a real and severe impact on how a person sees themselves.

Thankfully there are a number of solutions to thinning hair that have been developed by hair restoration professionals over decades. These methods have been successful in restoring fuller, thicker hair to both men and women around the world. Continue reading Thinning Hair Solutions

A Very Hairy Holiday to All…

It’s that time again, one of our favorite times of the year, and today the holidays should be called the Red Carpet Season, because it’s party time! This is no longer your father’s holiday season, no, no, it’s now a paparazzi paradise.  The holiday season now includes a vast array of events where you are on display everywhere. When I say Holidays today I mean Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukah, New Year’s Eve, Cuanza, Work Holiday parties, Family get togethers, Super Bowl Parties, and more. And the difference between the good old days and today is you are going to be seen by thousands of your friends, family, acquaintances and many of their friends through Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat, Websites and more. Continue reading A Very Hairy Holiday to All…

My Hair and Hawaii…

Four months ago I finally had my hair transplant procedure.  I have a very High profile position at a famous hotel in Houston, and I did not want anyone to know I was doing it before, during and certainly after.  The staff at Physicians Hair Replacement Center assured me that if I gave them a few days, with the coverage I had of existing my hair, and the proper styling, no one would ever know.   Continue reading My Hair and Hawaii…

The Man who is Walking on Hair, I mean Air!

So the other day I’m sitting in my office and my nurse comes in and tells me we have a patient on the phone that needs to talk with me. For privacy purposes, let’s call him John. I immediately grabbed the phone because with over 4 decades in medicine I’ve learned that when a patient calls it isn’t usually to check how my golf game is going.  The conversation basically went this way, “John how are you doing, and how is everything going?”  I opened enthusiastically, and much to my surprise the response I received on the other end was overwhelming.

“Doctor you won’t believe how different my hair is,”

That was John’s response to me, and although it sounded very positive I didn’t want to presume anything, so I asked a more probing question, “So it’s been 7 months and your hair should be growing in nicely?” “Nicely,” he screamed, “It’s amazing!” Whew, that’s what I was hoping to hear, but you never know whether you have met the patient’s expectations.  I have seen hair restoration results that I think are absolutely spectacular, but the patient is looking for “Bullet Proof Hair”, which in many cases that kind of density can only be accomplished with multiple procedures.  Plus the patient needs an extremely strong donor area, which our patient John really had.  John finally scheduled an appointment to come in and shoot photos, and wanted to know if we could discuss scheduling a 2nd procedure which is what we had talked about in our long term plan.

Wow, the meeting was worth the wait!

John came in and my nurses and I were stunned at how spectacular his result was. After we shot current photographs, he sat down and said, “I can’t believe what a difference between my before pictures and now. My eyes were lying to me and telling me I had more hair than I really did.” He was on a major ramble, but the sparkle in his eyes was worth just letting him talk. He kept going, “My wife says it really didn’t matter to her and I looked fine before, but all of a sudden she’s buying me different clothes a little bit younger looking and a lot less conservative…This really says a lot, without saying a word. And like you told me Doc, it’s more than just my wife, it’s all about the compliments that I seem to be getting more and more from total strangers as well as friends. And most of all it’s about the confidence I feel every day when I look in the mirror, and that’s why I’m here today.”

I’m not waiting to lose more, when today I can get more

“Doc, not only do I want to thank you, but I am here today to say let’s schedule the next one before I follow my family pattern and start to lose more.  Now that I see how good this works and how great you are, I know I never want to deal with hair loss again.” And to prove how happy he was and is, John not only booked his next procedure, but he wants to be a before and after model on my website when his second procedure grows in. I guess you could say here’s…  

A Gentleman who’s really walking on air, because of his hair.

No Cowboy Hat Can Cover Your Hair Loss Forever

It’s amazing to me how many people I see out on the streets, in restaurants, at sporting events and especially at my office who will not take off their Cowboy hat or baseball cap.  Patients come into my office to do a consultation and half way through I have to ask them to please remove their hat so I can really see what his issues are, and more importantly what it is going to take to fix them.  Talk about people who are hiding, not only do they not want people to see their hair loss, but I believe they are really not wanting to see it themselves.

You can look, but do you see?

It’s amazing how many men will lie to themselves and not allow their eyes to see the hair loss that is right in front of them, in the mirror every day.  I remember one patient in advertising I met who was talking with me about how I needed a spokesman for TV spots and print materials.  He explained that the before and after shots are crucial to Dr.’s in the hair restoration profession.  Everything he was saying made perfect sense, but the problem is once a person has their hair back they don’t want anyone to know that they went through a procedure to accomplish their spectacular look. The other issue I have to deal with is making them look through realistic eyes.

Now you see it, sometimes you don’t.

I told him that I agreed with him, but he could be that person for me since he was about 80% bald and the rest was leaving quickly.  He looked at me like I was crazy and said, “Are you kidding, I have plenty of hair!” My response was showing him other before pictures of many guys and having him decide if he had more or less hair than they did.  Finally my biggest weapon of all I brought in the mirror and we went through his hair, or lack thereof, so he could see the real truth.  This fellow had eyes that were only fooling him because it was obvious that he was between really thinning and really bald.

Your eyes may not let you see the truth

As the Eagles song says, “You can’t hide those lying eyes”.  You can cover your hair loss with hats, but sooner or later the hat’s always come off.  You can look in the mirror and believe one thing but the truth is staring you and everyone you meet right in the face.  And the funny part is that once you face the reality and realize you want your own hair growing for the rest of your life again, that is the day you will no longer be bald.

“The Start of a beautiful relationship” Casablanca (the movie)

That is what the marketing gentleman told me, after he decided to do the procedure and he and I have been working together for nearly two decades, I am the Dr. and he is the spokesman my company needed and finally found.  A happy patient, a great business associate and a dear friend.  It’s amazing once you face your demons, or accept reality, as opposed to covering it up, what you can accomplish.  This is just another of the many patient hair restoration stories that I try to share with you regularly.

I look forward to doing your story

Baldness is more than on your head…

If baldness is more than on your head, it’s on your mind then you need to find out more about hair restoration.  If your rear view mirror or the windows of buildings are a constant sneak peek to see if those few strands of hair you have plastered down are still in the right place, than you are suffering from more than hair loss.  Actually you have become obsessed with your hair loss, but what are you doing about it? There are many options available to you today, all you have to do is “Google” hair loss or baldness and you will see fixes that add up to thousands of products and billions of dollars.  So what should you do?

There is only one sure thing that works!

Ask yourself if you want to try spending lots of money on potions and lotions that claim to work or do you want to invest in a procedure that is certain to regrow your hair and will last for the rest of your life? Ask yourself, what is holding you back from this life-changing event?  Hair restoration could be one of the best things that you ever do for yourself, but so many men and women know this, but just won’t do it because they keep trying to find that magic bullet that will just work. Well it isn’t magic, but once you make the commitment to do it, in a few months when your hair is growing and flowing you will feel like it was.  So the BIG question is…

What’s stopping you?

Is it the fear of surgery? Do you think that it may be painful?  Or…are you concerned about how it will ultimately look? I can tell you from firsthand experience that if you’re baldness bothers you, hair restoration surgery will be one of the greatest things that you ever do for yourself.  I had it done and have performed it on thousands of patients throughout my career and I can humbly state that nearly every patient has told me and thanked me for changing their life. My patients feel like they joined a secret fraternity of guys who not only have their hair back, but also have the self-esteem back that they didn’t even know they were missing.

Let’s address each issue You may have…

The surgery is virtually painless. You are awake and comfortable throughout the entire process. Whether it is FUE or FUT your head is numb, so you are spending the majority of the time watching movies and sharing stories with the medical team. Once it is over you may feel a little discomfort the first night but notice I did not say pain.  Years ago this situation was extremely painful and you were laid up and swollen for days, but that was in the 80’s and 90’s.  Today our biggest problem is convincing folks how painless today’s techniques and medication are during and after it is over. Guys are shocked about how easy it is and how fast they are out and about, in many instances the night of the procedure.

Now let’s talk about results!

I’ll bet you didn’t know that the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure in the world for men is Hair Restoration.  You pass men who have had it done every day and don’t realize it because it looks so good and is so natural.  Yes, you see bad results from the 80’s and 90’s because that was how the treatments were done, but not anymore.  As far as results… when you have it done with a great doctor and a great team of highly trained technicians… you get great, natural looking results. At Physicians Hair Restoration Center we have it all, and the empathy and knowledge to deal with all your physical and emotional issues.  So if baldness or thinning hair is bothering you put a stop to it immediately.  Once you pick up your phone and schedule a free consultation that is the moment you are no longer bald. So just do it!

Change Your Hair Loss Situation and Change Your Life!

Unknown History of Hair Loss #3: “THE SAMPSON SYNDROME”

Almost everyone knows the Biblical tale of Sampson and his hair. As a matter of fact, Sampson could be the reason why so many men seem to suffer from Hair Loss. Well in case you have not stayed up to date on your Bible stories, or if you have never heard of Sampson, I’ll provide you with a brief synopsis of Sampson and his hair – or lack thereof.

Hair all over his pillow, sound familiar?

So Sampson woke up and saw hair all over his pillow.  He reached up, touched his head and realized he was bald. He had told his lover Delilah that his strength was in his hair, because that was what God had told him. While he was napping Delilah gave him a trim that left him hairless. His posture slumped, and he felt all of his strength was gone…but was it really?

When he lost his hair he lost his strength – or so he believed!

Well according to the Bible he was taken prisoner and put into the dungeon in the King’s castle, where they proceeded to blind him as well.  Now comes the big question: was his strength really gone or did he just believe it was gone because his faith in God was so strong? Well he probably still had his strength but his confidence was shattered. The woman he cared about took his one secret and betrayed him.  Sampson was devastated, and I can relate because I know when I was losing my hair I felt I looked like a goof.  Baldness and thinning hair was just not the way I wanted to see myself. And if your hair is thinning or you’re bald, I’m sure you’ve thought about Sampson many times; I know I did.

Mirrors become enemies, and you really think you have no control!  I’d walk past mirrors and realize that I did not look like me anymore.  Not only did I not look right, but I felt myself getting depressed because I wanted to stop my growing forehead, but I really had no control over the hand Mother Nature was dealing  me. I had fallen victim to the dreaded


I just couldn’t accept this new me that I was locked into, but then I found a way out.  I found Physicians Hair Restoration Center.  For years they have been achieving outstanding results for their clients, and they can do the same for you.   If you’re suffering from the Sampson Syndrome or you just hate losing your hair, make a real difference in your life, not just the way you look, but the way you feel about yourself. Be like Sampson and grow your hair back and renew your strength, confidence and self-esteem.  Just call Physicians Hair Restoration Center …You have nothing to lose, and think about all you can gain.