Hair Transplant, Katy Texas – FUE body hair for Man 46

A 46 year old man needing additional hair transplants in Katy, Texas came to us recently. His donor area had been completely exhausted from prior hair transplant surgeries, and his class 6 crown hair loss still bothered him. He was interested in doing anything he could to improve his crown loss. Because the scalp donor was nearly exhausted, we could not use that area. However, he had copious amounts of body hair. Utilizing the FUE Follicular Unit Extraction technique we were able to relocate over to 500 hairs from his back into the crown, and we are all ecstatic about the results we have seen from this surgery.

Since November of 2010 he has come in from Katy three times to have small FUE procedures done. Unlike the usual hair transplant, this procedure is shorter and much less invasive, than our routine follicular unit hair transplant. The surgery time is just a few hours, and the recovery time usually less than two or three days. Because we are moving fewer grafts than in a strip follicular unit hair transplant, it takes more surgeries to get a large number of grafts. Because the healing time is so short, the procedures can be done closer together, every 2 or 3 weeks.

This patient was recovered and back to work as a computer programmer in just 24 hours. I saw him last week, and the results are truly impressive, slow steady positive change, and he can’t wait to do more.

If you suffer from hair loss of any kind, please contact our office and schedule your free hair loss consultation, helping people fell better is what we like to do. Call toll free 1-(877)-255-4424.

Hair transplant, Spring Texas – Woman 47

A 47 year old woman needing hair transplants in Spring, Texas came to us about 1 year ago. We gave her a complete diagnostic hair loss evaluation, and determined that she indeed had a hair loss problem that could be solved with hair transplant surgery. She had frontal hair loss, with a receding hair line in the temples much like a man, and there was no evidence that there was any disease that would prevent transplanted hair grafts from growing. We scheduled the woman for hair transplant surgery to be performed.

In March of 2010 is when this nice woman drove in from Spring Texas and we preformed a 1500 graft hair transplant treatment. She did very well, enjoying a nice lunch and her favorite “Soaps” while having the procedure done. She recovered and was back to work in just three days. I saw her a today and she has had extraordinary results, already modifying her hairstyles in ways that expose the hairline she has not had in years.

If your a woman suffering from hair loss of any kind, please contact our office and schedule your free hair loss consultation. Helping people fell better and more confident is what we do! Call 1-800-(877) 255-4424.

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Are you constantly thinking about your hair loss? Have you lost a great deal of confidence and self-esteem as a result of your hair loss? If you are like a considerable number of others out there in the Houston area who are experiencing hair loss, then you are probably wondering how you can regain not only your lost hair, but your lost life! Well, there is one solution which has proven tremendously successful for those who’ve tried it: a hair restoration procedure from a reputable hair loss Houston center.

Make an appointment at a hair loss Houston center today and begin your journey toward increased confidence, self-esteem, and ultimately, happiness. At a qualified hair restoration center, a physician will be able to explain in greater detail the hair transplant process, and aside from gaining a better understanding of the process, you’ll be able to understand your specific hair loss situation, the options available to you, as well as the estimated cost if a hair transplant were to be proceeded with. However, if this option is chosen, it is very likely that you will not be disappointed with the results.

If you live in the Houston area and are ready to do something about your hair loss, then waste no time in making an appointment at a hair loss Houston center. If you are not sure of where to find a reputable hair loss center, then you can surely rely on the Physicians’ Hair Restoration Center (PHRC) in Houston. Contact the PHRC today for a free consultation, or if you’d like to learn more about hair restoration, then simply browse through the PHRC website.

Find the Help You Deserve Within a Hair Replacement Houston Center

Wearing a hair piece or simply “shaving it all off” may work for some with hair loss, but for others, something else is needed- something more fulfilling. In this respect, there is one hair loss solution which can lead to fulfillment: a hair transplant procedure performed by a qualified physician, and for those who live in or around the Houston area, this solution can be obtained with a visit to a reputable hair replacement Houston center.

Find the help you deserve within a hair replacement Houston center! If you are someone who has experienced hair loss which has led to a loss of confidence and even perhaps a loss of identity, then it’s time to find out how you can gain back not only your hair, but also your life! Within a hair replacement center, a qualified physician will be able to consult with you regarding your hair loss situation and the available hair replacement options which could help you to regain your looks and your self-esteem.

If you are ready to come forward and take control of your life, then be sure to do so with help from the Physicians’ Hair Restoration Center (PHRC) in Houston. Within this hair replacement Houston center, you will no doubt be able to ask and have answered your important questions regarding your hair loss situation and the hair transplant options which will help you to gain a brand new outlook on life. Make an appointment today, or else be sure to find out more by browsing through the Physicians’ Hair Restoration Center website.

What’s Stopping You from a Hair Replacement Procedure?

For many, hair loss can lead to a tremendous amount of emotional pain which may be extremely difficult to cope with, and for some, may last a lifetime. However, for those who are suffering as a result of hair loss, hair replacement procedures continue to be something which can assist in not only regaining lost hair, but also regaining lost self-esteem, confidence, and ultimately, happiness and a sense of fulfillment in life. If hair replacement procedures can have such wonderful consequences, then why are some people still afraid of even finding out more information regarding this important procedure?

For some, the perceived hair transplant cost may be one factor which prohibits someone with hair loss to find out more information regarding a hair replacement procedure, but this is really unfortunate, as the costs of a hair replacement procedure may be much less than assumed. Without a doubt, it’s important for those with hair loss to actually receive a consultation from a hair loss physician in order to understand not only the options for hair replacement, but also the costs associated with those options.

What’s stopping you from a hair replacement procedure? If you are someone who is suffering as a result of hair loss, then there’s no question that you should find out as much as you can about your situation. Do not be afraid of talking to a physician about your hair loss; finding out as much as possible about your specific situation will help you to make the right decision regarding whether or not hair replacement is right for you.

Is Hair Restoration Cost Stopping You From Possible Happiness?

Hair loss is something which continues to devastate a large swath of the human population, and although hair loss is something which is not tremendously uncommon, it still has the power to greatly reduce confidence, self-esteem, positivity, and ultimately, happiness. However, there are proven methods, such as hair restoration, which can lead to a better looking head of hair and subsequently, renewed confidence and happiness. So, what’s stopping a number of people from finding out more about hair restoration procedures? For some, the answer to this question is: hair restoration cost.

Is hair restoration cost stopping you from possible happiness? If you are one of a considerable number of people who haven’t even looked into hair restoration procedures for fear of the possible costs, you should recognize that the cost may not be as high as you assume. Indeed, there are a number of factors which can go into the cost of a procedure, such as the specific place or doctor offering the procedure, how many hair grafts are needed, or perhaps how many different sessions are needed in order to complete the procedure. Undoubtedly, before jumping to conclusions about hair restoration cost, it’s important to actually find out the exact cost by setting up an appointment at a hair restoration center.

Hair restoration cost should certainly not stop someone from finding the happiness they deserve, but it can be said that the cost of a hair restoration procedure may not be as high as thought and financing may also be available. The bottom line is to know the cost before losing hope for gaining a chance at happiness!

Reason Consider Hair Transplantation!

Another Valentine’s Day has come and gone, and for those who feel “forever alone” thanks to baldness, this day seems like it came straight from Hell with the sole purpose of torturing those who are without love, lack confidence, and who are seemingly hopeless. However, those who have experienced hair loss and their confidence in finding love should realize that there are solutions which can lead to not only a fuller head of hair, but also a fuller heart and happier life. The solution: hair transplantation!

Is hair loss preventing you from finding a date? If you believe that your hair loss has eroded your confidence in finding the love your life, then don’t despair; instead, find the courage within yourself to take action! A number of both men and women who have undergone a hair replacement procedure have certainly gained back the confidence they lost and then some! Without a doubt, you are not a lost cause, and if you really believe that regaining lost hair will make you a more confident and happier person overall, then what’s stopping you from seeking out a medical hair restoration center that can help you gain back the self-esteem that you used to have!

If you are ready to take action, then good for you! You will be able to find the hair transplantation help you need by setting up an appointment for a free consultation with Physicians’ Hair Restoration Center (PHRC) in Houston. The kind people at the PHRC understand what you’re going through and will surely do everything possible so that you can gain back the confidence you once had and hopefully find that special someone in your life who is surely out there somewhere!

Excited About Patient Feedback

I love to get emails like this.  It really makes my day to see how people feel so much better about themselves after their hair grows back.  She has promised to send a few after photos.

Hi Dr. Puig, I had my surgery last spring and hair looks fantastic. I live in the Middle East so haven’t had a chance to come back in and show you all the results. Thank you so very much I feel so much better about my appearance. Will come see you for other “rejuvenations” when I come back to do my Round Top show. God Bless!   Susan W.

Can Hair Restoration Help to Rebuild My Confidence?

The first time someone notices hair loss, the experience can be almost as horrible as any other negative life event, but the horror can continue and intensify if the hair loss continues. Indeed, a range of emotions can be felt during the first stages of hair loss, but perhaps the worst consequence of hair loss for many is the amount of confidence which seems to be lost along with each sacred fiber of hair. This loss of confidence can be extremely damaging, but for those who are struggling with hair loss and the subsequent drain on one’s spirits, a brighter day can come and it can come as a result of hair restoration!

Can hair restoration help to rebuild my confidence? This is a common question asked by many who are struggling with hair loss and who have stumbled upon the possibility of hair restoration procedures. Although the answer to this question can vary, in general, those who have undergone successful hair restoration have noticed an increase in confidence and self-esteem. Without a doubt, lives have changed after successful hair restoration, and although each person’s experience is different, successful medical hair restoration restoration can at least provide an opportunity to look, feel, and ultimately, live much better than before.

If you are someone who is struggling with hair loss, then there is no question that you should consider a hair restoration procedure so that you can have the opportunity to regain hair and rebuild the confidence that you once had. Be sure to learn more about hair restoration today!