Is Hair Loss Genetic?

Hair loss occurs with alarming frequency in both men and women and can be attributed to many factors. One of the most commonly suspected causes is a genetic disposition. But is hair loss really genetic? Some say that your father or your mother’s father will pass on the propensity for baldness, and there is some truth to this.

Women’s hair loss is typically due to factors apart from genetics, such as a medical issue or chemical imbalance within in the body, but men’s hair loss can often be traced back to the effects of a male hormone called dihydrotestosterone, commonly referred to as DHT. Many men facing hair loss or baldness may have inherited a pattern of DHT-sensitive hair follicles on the scalp. As DHT levels increase at puberty, these sensitive follicles will replace themselves in shortened phases and will eventually stop growing altogether.This can happen within a few short years or take several decades. The affected individual may see complete baldness, thinning hair, or pattern baldness.

Can Genetic Hair Loss Be Treated?

While a genetic predisposition to hair loss does not always guarantee that you will experience baldness, there is an increased chance that you might. Unfortunately there is no way to change your genetic code and rid you of the predisposition, but if you should start to experience hair loss, there are a number of treatments available.

Hair transplant procedures can be very effective in treating hair loss caused by DHT issues. The best way to know what options may be effective in your unique case is to consult with a hair restoration expert. Hair loss physicians understand the many causes of baldness and can perform a thorough examination to give you tailored answers about your situation.

5 Benefits Of Medical Hair Restoration

[Posted on November 5th, 2014 by Dr. Carlos Puig]

You want to make sure to know the benefits of medical hair restoration. If you’re tired of trying over the counter products, it may be time to talk with a doctor and learn about the options that will work for you to enjoy hair regrowth.

1. More Effective

Once you begin experiencing hair loss, it can be devastating. You want something that works and that’s the goal of the Puig Hair Restoration Center. They feature doctors that have decades of experience in hair transplantation and offer a guarantee on hair plugs that they will replace them in the event that they do not take effectively.

2. Permanent Results For Fuller Hair

Many hair loss products on the market require you to use them over and over again. This is not the case with medical hair restoration. Once you go through the procedure, it is a permanent procedure that will allow you to continue to grow your hair naturally. It can be the boost of confidence that you need.

3. Faster Results With Hair Restoration

Some products require you to use them for 6 to 8 weeks or longer before seeing anything – and that’s if you see anything. Hair transplantation will involve several visits where grafting is done. The scar will heal in time and the plugs can start generating hair faster, allowing you to get a full head of hair in no time at all. From there, it’s your hair, so it can be shampooed, cut, and styled as you desire for life.

4. Better Image

It’s important to have an image you can be happy with. When it comes to it, the only person appearance should matter to is you and that means being happy with who you see in the mirror. If you’re using a wig or toupee, the synthetic hair may leave you feeling uneasy about your appearance.

5. Targeted for You

There are various forms of medical hair restoration that can be explored. This includes follicular unit extraction as well as various forms of grafting that can bring over anywhere from 1 to 50 strands at a time. The donor site may be yours or that of someone you know, ensuring you get the follicles needed to enjoy hair regrowth once again.

The Effects Of A Hair Transplant In Houston

[Posted on October 26th, 2014 by Dr. Carlos Puig]

When you have lost hair as a result of being ill, being stressed, or simply being who you are thanks to genetics, there are some ways to improve natural hair growth. A hair transplant in Houston can have a lot of positive effects and understanding these can make it easier to take action.

You have to look at your reflection to determine what you want. Fullness, more hair growth, and other things can be considered. It’s possible to get hair replacement in Houston through surgery known as transplantation. This is where grafts are taken of hair from another location or a donor. The size of the grafts can range from 5 or 10 hairs to 50 or more.

There will be a small scar involved though depending upon the amount of skin on your scalp, the current hairline, and other details, it may not be visible several weeks following the surgery.

The positive effects of the hair transplant in Houston involve natural hair growth. You can wash it, cut it, and style it like you used to with hair. It is yours and it will continue to grow.

There are various medications that doctors can prescribe to help promote hair growth. The primary issue with these is that they are known to have a number of negative side effects. This can include allergic reactions, rashes, and dizziness. The medications don’t always work as they say they will, either.

Puig Hair Restoration Center is run by Dr. Puig. He has been in the hair restoration industry for more than 45 years. There is a guarantee in place that if a graft does not grow, it will be replaced. This can help you to be confident that the effects will be desirable following the surgery.

The doctors at the center can provide an in-depth look to the effects that will be experienced, good and bad. Both will be based upon the grafting that is done in order to deal with the hair loss.

In the end, the hair transplant in Houston is going to yield positive effects that you won’t be able to find with laser therapy, medications, or over-the-counter products. You can get natural hair once again to feel more confident and get your looks back.

How A Hair Transplant In Houston Can Help You

[Posted on October 20th, 2014 by Dr. Carlos Puig]

Hair loss can be devastating. You don’t want to go through life unhappy with your reflection. It may be affecting your self-esteem and your ability to enjoy life to the fullest. Especially if you used to have a full head of hair, you want to restore it. A hair transplant in Houston can help you in various ways.

The Puig Hair Restoration Center is run by Dr. Puig. With over 45 years of experience in hair restoration surgeries, he is able to provide patients with natural hair growth. A consultation will include understanding the reason for hair loss as well as an understanding as to what to expect from a hair transplant in Houston.

By understanding the procedure, you can figure out what the outcome is going to be after going through a hair transplant in Houston. It is your chance to begin growing real hair once again, providing a significant boost in the amount of hair on your head as well as self-esteem.

If you have been spending a lot of money on over-the-counter hair products, it’s possible to stop. While hair transplantation is not the most affordable option, it does yield the best and most natural results. The days of spending hundreds of dollars on products that do not work can be behind you.

A hair transplant in Houston is going to be tailored to you. There are different types of grafting that can be explored. This includes micro grafting as well as strip harvesting based upon how much hair is needed on the scalp. Thinning versus baldness will be used to determine the method.

There are various considerations that need to be made during the transplantation. The good news is that there are many options and they can be individualized to give you what you want. The Puig Hair Restoration Center can provide an in-depth consultation and determine where the scar is going to be located and look at the condition of your scalp to choose a method of grafting that will provide natural results without a noticeable scar afterwards.

A hair transplant is ultimately a great way to help you with natural hair growth so you can have a better appearance, a healthier self-esteem and a higher quality of life.

How Medical Hair Restoration Can Improve Your Look

[Posted on July 9th, 2014 by Dr. Carlos Puig]

Medical hair restoration is changing the lives of many people. New materials and methods are available to provide individuals with the help they need to finally get hair growing. You do not have to purchase those over the counter solutions that promise to work but leave you without any results. Instead, turn to local professionals who specialize in this type of solution and you may have hair growing sooner than you think. The key as a patient is to have the information and resources you need to make key decisions about your options.

What Are Your Hair Restoration Options?

For men and women who need medical hair restoration, there are plenty of ways to get results. According to the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, a variety of options exist, including products using Minoxidil, also known as Rogaine. Finasteride, sold as Propecia, is another option. These work to influence the growth of hair within the follicles. In addition to these options, many people can consider hair pieces and extensions. Any of these options can help for those who have hair loss at the scalp, but effectiveness of these treatments is not always clear.

But, What About More Permanent and Effective Solutions?

Whether you want an eyebrow transplant or you are hoping for a permanent head of hair, many people are looking towards surgical treatments as a solution for hair loss. Surgical hair restoration is just what it sounds like. In this procedure, doctors are able to transplant the follicles that are working properly from one area of the head to another area of the head. This allows for the new, working follicles to continue to produce hair for you. What’s more, surgical procedures are now more advanced and effective, according to the American Hair Loss Association.

  • Hair is transplanted that is your own hair, creating a natural look and reducing the risk of rejection.
  • It is sometimes possible for identical twins to use this procedure as well.
  • The treatments are highly effective because they allow for a permanent solution. Your hair will grow like normal, allowing you to style it, wash it, and expose it to chemicals as you normally would.

It is still important for individuals to consider all of their options. Medical hair restoration techniques range and some methods may not be available for all individuals. When you turn to a local specialized company for service in these areas, you’ll get a consultation that looks at which hair loss treatments are the most effective for your specific needs. This is important. In many situations, individual who use these surgical treatments are able to see significant improvement in the way they look. That can boost not just the appearance you have, but also your confidence in yourself.

Hairline Surgery Restores Hair and Prevents Receding

[Posted on June 25th, 2014 by Dr. Carlos Puig]

Hairline surgery reverses the effects of male pattern baldness and restores the hairline to a natural appearance once again at our hair restoration clinic in Houston. There are different ways in which we achieve this, but all techniques we use result in a full head of hair for those suffering from male pattern baldness. How and what is done by Dr. Puig depends on what the patient presents to us for restoration. The final result is maintenance-free because it uses only the patients own hair for the transplantation process.

Male pattern baldness is caused by dihydrotestosterone (DHT) attacking the hair follicle and causing it to die off. DHT tends to attack hair on the crown and front hairline, leaving the hair on the sides alone. The healthy hair follicles on the sides are free from DHT, and can be harvested for placement in the balding areas on the head. These DHT-free follicles will not be attacked in the future simply because they are put in an already balding or bald area. Instead, they flourish and grow to fill in the area that has been transplanted.

When we first assess a patient, we explore the options that are available for treatment, including hairline surgery. Some men respond to treatment with drugs like propecia or minoxidil, which can slow or stop hair loss altogether. However, medication requires taking it long-term, and some may prefer to not go this route. We offer laser therapy for stimulation of existing hair follicles. Laser therapy thickens thinner hair follicles, and encourages cell division for increased hair growth. In the event these options don’t work, we offer surgical restoration to replace lost hair.

The core process of surgery is to take hair from the DHT-free areas of the scalp and insert them into the recipient areas. Follicles taken for transplant are known as donor follicles, but they only come from the patient himself. Transplanting from other sources causes an immune system response that kills off foreign hair follicles, and is to be avoided at all costs. Taking follicles from the scalp of the patient ensures that the hair will flourish and won’t be attacked by the immune system.

We use a number of hairline surgery techniques with which to move the follicles around. The core process involves making a slit on the scalp, then inserting a couple of follicles into the slit. This process is repeated over and over again until the area being treated is filled in. The area where the donor grafts were taken from will grow over and there is no evidence that hair was ever removed. After the surgery, there is a healing period in which the scalp closes around the follicles, and the follicles themselves begin to take root. The final result is a head of the patient’s own hair that can be cut and styled as he pleases.

Hair Transplants Can Help With Self-Esteem

[Posted on June 16th, 2014 by Dr. Carlos Puig]

Many people suffer from self-esteem problems and much of this has to do with appearance. If you look in the mirror and are unhappy with what you see, it’s important that you identify the problem. Your hairline may be receding or you don’t have the full head of hair that you used to have. A hair transplant in Houston is a viable option to consider.

When you have problems with your self-esteem, it can lead to a lack of social skills. This can make it harder to get your endorphins flowing and you may suffer from depression. You may not perform well at work and you may even be experiencing problems within your personal relationships. If your hair is bothering you to the power that your esteem is lowered, it may be time to look into a solution.

Various over-the-counter hair solutions are out there, but many of them don’t work. This is because they were designed to help people who are losing hair for only one of the many reasons. If your hairline is receding, it may have to do with hormones, stress, medications you are taking and more. Hairline surgery may be the way to improve upon the hairline so that you can build confidence.

A hair transplant in Houston is a simpler process than you might think. It doesn’t involve hair plugs or anything like that. Instead, the hair is literally transplanted from one part of your body to another. This means that you have the ability to grow the hair like you have always wanted. It’s yours, so you can shampoo, cut, and dye it just like anyone else.

When you have control of your hair and it is growing at the length and fullness you desire, you can improve upon your appearance easier. This allows you to build your self-esteem so that you can be the person you want to be. When your self-esteem is in check, it can give you the confidence to go after the things you desire. You may ask for a raise at work, ask a person out at the coffee shop, or simply go through life in a happier manner.

Hair transplants don’t work for everyone, but they do work for many. It’s best to talk to your doctor to find out if a hair transplant in Houston can be something to work for you. It can save you a lot of time and money from trying the over-the-counter products and you can get started on growing your own hair much faster.

Plenty of research shows that transplants don’t require a lot of recovery time, so you don’t have to worry about being out of the office for an extended time where people would start to wonder what you’re doing. It could be the best thing you do for yourself.

PHRC Creates Advanced Solutions for Hair Growth

[Posted on June 9th, 2014 by Dr. Carlos Puig]

Puig Hair restoration Center brings new hope to people wanting to regrow a healthy head of hair.  The average person tries gels, shampoos and other medications advertised as a way to grow hair. Unfortunately these remedies do not work. Clients interested in a hair transplant in Houston will find Dr. Puig looks at this problem scientifically. Working with the process of Follicular unit extraction offers patients new hope and the best results for re-growing hair.

Some see hair loss as a product of nature and feel there is no recovery. Fortunately, Dr. Puig has successfully helped people since 1977 regenerate hair. This Houston surgeon has assisted over 10,000 patients. Dr. Puig helps patients at his office location at Physicians hair restoration at the Galleria at 59 and Fountainview Houston, TX. Dr. Puig has established in practice the restoration of hair growth with follicular extraction.

It is possible to go for years trying every possible over the counter remedy and still not find the right formula to grow hair. Many products are costly and people spend thousands of dollars trying to find a solution. Research on hair transplant in Houston is ahead of most hair growing procedures. Minoxidil is an alternative treatment that rejuvenates hair growth in over 30% of male users. The use of the Lexington Hairmax Lasercomb reduces the speed of hair loss. This procedure has shown no side effects. This tool has 61% success rate in men and but the drug Propecia has a 67% success rate and is recommended by to male hair loss sufferers.

The process of hair transplanting is the only permanent solution for hair restoration. Dr. Puig has studied hair and its growth patterns for many years and understands both female hair loss and male hair loss. The PHRC clinic uses the newest technological advances combined with approved medications to enhance the growth and look of your hair.

Hair transplant surgery is not a free product but it is affordable at the Houston clinic. Hair loss is an unpleasant experience and makes many people feel embarrassed. Hair transplant in Houston hair restoration gives people back their confidence and a younger appearance. Solve the problem of baldness by seeking the assistance of a medical professional trained in the field of hair restoration.

Although, men and women bald slightly different, each group responds positively to hair growth therapy and benefit equally. Users are pleased with the results and the change in appearance is amazing. Regaining the look of youthful vitality is a positive reflex of hair restoration. Most people are born with an attractive head of hair and wish to keep those lovely locks. Unfortunately, time and physical reasons may prevent this. Hair transplant in Houston has the solution to hair loss for men and women trying to restore hair.

Hair Restoration In Houston Can Be Yours

[Posted on June 5th, 2014 by Dr. Carlos Puig]

If you are unhappy with the amount of hair that you have, then it may be time that you do something about it. If you have tried other methods, such as shampoos, sprays and prescription drugs, it may not have been dealing with the issue to your liking. There are many products available on today’s market, but they won’t help everyone. Hair restoration in Houston can be something for you to explore.

Technology has come a long way. You don’t see people wearing wigs and hairpieces as much as you used to and that’s because people have found better products. While some people are able to benefit from the over-the-counter products, others need a little more help. The only way to know for sure what will work is to talk to a doctor.

There is likely one reason or another as to why your hair is thinning or you are losing it completely and it may affect you regardless of gender. It may be as a result of genetics, a medical condition or even stress. Hair restoration in Houston can be obtained once you know why you are losing your hair.

It’s possible that you can get a hair transplant in Houston. This is literally where you get a transplant on your scalp so that you get the hair follicles needed to grow hair. What’s unique about this premise is that you will actually be able to grow all of your own hair again.

Many of the other products on the market don’t allow you to grow your hair. Some are hairpieces that you affix to your scalp while others allow you to spray on hair. Neither of these is going to allow you to grow hair and as such, you are going to have low self-confidence about your appearance.

The better answer is to take the time to look into hair restoration in Houston where you can find a medical reason as to why you are losing the hair and find a medical solution as to how to improve upon your appearance.

When you make an appointment at a hair clinic, a doctor will talk to you about all of the options. If the follicles are actually damaged, you may benefit from a transplant where more follicles are brought over. This is a long-term solution so you can grow your hair in the way that you desire without giving it another thought.

The best part about the restoration process is that it is going to be something you can count on. You won’t have to waste money on all of the products over-the-counter and wonder if they are going to work. You won’t have to watch any more infomercials because you can get the hair you want once and for all – and improve your appearance and self-confidence at the same time.