Another Unknown History of Hair Loss Moment

In the 16th century there was sea captain who was obsessed with the fact that he was losing his hair. He began wearing his hat or helmet continuously so people wouldn’t notice how thin his hair had become. On many of his trips to the new world he heard from the natives about a fountain that once you drank the water, you could reverse the aging process. To him he knew he could look as young as he felt if he could just have his hair growing all over his head again. He decided he would try to get the queen from Spain to get behind the expedition to fund and find this miraculous fountain.

The Fountain of Youth

When Ponce de Leon told the Queen about this magic fountain she convinced the Spanish crown in 1512 to not only finance the venture, but encouraged the throne that this could be a huge money maker for the Spanish to sell to royalty across the world. Ponce de Leon’s search for a Caribbean island called Bimini, was heard about far and wide. People from all over were waited and hoping that the miraculous waters would be found and once they were peoples youth would be rejuvenated to all who drank from the fountain of youth. Ponce de Leon kept getting clues and the more he heard the closer he felt he would find it. Ironically, the closer he came the more the royalty of Europe gave him money to continue his quest. Although the fountain was never found the documentation and the story has lived for hundreds of years which is proof of the fact that people are wanting and searching to find ways to stay young forever.

Forever Young

Ponce de Leon kept trying to find hair for decades, and the more he lost the more he tried. Today, he would have been a perfect candidate for hair restoration. This spectacular treatment makes you look younger, feel younger and is quick, easy, affordable, and the best part is that once you decide to do it, the search for the fountain of youth is over because your hair will grow for the rest of your life. The biggest problem is with all the advertising being done for hair growth, and hair thickening treatments it is hard to know what is real and what is just hype. Many of the gigantic cosmetic firms have advertising budgets that are larger than some of the legitimate treatments total sales, so how can one compete.
The answer to the hype versus the real products is to make sure you are working with a doctor who is dedicated to finding the real and correct answers for you. As a physician who has specialized in the art and science of hair restoration for over 4 decades, I, Dr. Carlos Puig, have devoted my time, brains, and dollars to find the real solutions for my patients and my own peace of mind. Many of my patients and my staff view me as the Ponce de Leon of today’s Hair Restoration.

So many options…

Today we have found so many options that are legitimate and some that are just trying to take your money and frustrate you. Some of the legitimate products that are on the market are Rogaine, Propecia, PRP, and low level lasers. All the aforementioned products may work for you, but there is still a gamble involved that they may not work for you. If you really want something that will work and give you complete satisfaction then the new forms of hair restoration combined with an experienced physician are all you need to bring you to your fountain of youth. FUT (strip) FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), and Artis (the robot) are today’s finest technology, and according to your level of hair loss and long term planning one technique should be perfect for you. If you look in the mirror and see someone much older than you, then call me, we have the experience, equipment, knowledge and documentation to make you look younger almost instantly. Not as easy as a drink from the fountain of youth, but not far from it.