Hair Restoration in Houston

At PHRC, we understand that hair restoration is a personal decision for both men and women facing hair loss in Houston. That’s why we provide personal care and modern, trustworthy hair replacement techniques. Your hair can have a tremendous impact on your self confidence, and we want to help patients in Houston who may be facing a wide range of negative consequence due to thinning hair or balding. Every diagnosis is important in pursuing real solutions, and that’s what we want to accomplish for each patient, through hair transplant surgeries such as FUE and other cutting-edge practices.

About Dr. Carlos J. Puig

  • Founding Member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery
  • Fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery
  • Past President of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery
  • Served as chair of the Core Curriculum Committee
  • Served as chair of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery Fellowship Training Committee & Surgery Task Force for Physician & Assistant Education

Men's Hair Loss

In men, the most common cause of long-term, permanent hair loss is a condition known as male pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia. This is a genetically related condition that causes the patient to inherit a pattern of hair follicles that are sensitive to the male hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This sensitivity causes the active growing phase of the hair cycle to shorten, and eventually the follicles fail to grow at all, causing permanent hair loss.

The onset of male pattern hair loss usually accompanies puberty, but the rate of loss varies greatly in different men. Because an area does not look thin or bald until at least 50% of the original hair density has been lost, the onset appears to occur at different ages.


Women's Hair Loss

Unlike men, hair loss in women is never considered normal. In women, hair loss is a much more complex problem, and it is very important to visit with an experienced physician who specializes in female hair loss. Women with female pattern hair loss rarely notice their hair loss before the age of 49 or 50, they never go skin bald, and never lose their hair lines. Most importantly, only about 40% of the women who are losing their hair have genetically inherited female pattern hair loss.

When it comes to women with inherited female pattern hair loss, Hair Restoration Surgery is possibly the most successful option they have for a permanent, real result. However, female pattern hair loss can affect the donor area in about 20% of those with the problem. This means seeking the care of an experienced physician who will take the time to make the correct diagnosis is critical for females with hair loss.

Female hair loss can occur for many other reasons. In fact, about 60% of women with hair loss have a non-genetic medical cause, and getting the correct diagnosis is critical to successful treatment. So seeing a physician who takes the time to get a thorough history and detailed microscopic examination of the scalp is critical to making the correct diagnosis. Dr. Puig has been studying female hair loss for over 30 years, and he takes the time to carefully evaluate every patient.


Patient Reviews

Hair restoration center reviews

Dr. Puig's patient focused practice philosophy permeates the entire office staff. Everyone at PHRC understands that we are all there for one primary reason "to provide the patient with the best possible hair restoration surgery experience." Patients recognize this very quickly. They sense that everyone in the office is working to do what is best for the patient, and attempting to accommodate their every need. Our policy is the request reviews of all our patients, as only through that feedback can we improve our service. Our success at providing this level of service is reflected in the reviews patients provide.