Which Doctor Provides State of the Art Hair Transplant in Houston?

Dr. Puig from Physicians' Hair Restoration Center provides state of the art hair transplant in Houston. Our center, which is located at 6150 Richmond Ave in Houston, Texas, provides patients with the opportunity to choose from a variety of procedures that use modern, contemporary techniques to help with hair restoration.  

Our surgeon, Dr. Puig, specializes in performing follicular unit extraction, a noninvasive hair transplant procedure that has quick recovery time and does not result in scarring. This hair transplant procedure creates single grafts that have been successful in restoring hair to the temporal points, central crown area, eyelashes, facial area, and eyebrows.

In addition to offering follicular unit extraction, Dr. Puig performs a number of modern techniques that are used to stimulate hair growth. Dr. Puig can perform a procedure known as Low Level Laser Combs, which helps renew hair growth by using an energy source to stimulate the hair follicles.

Dr. Puig is always studying the latest hair transplant procedures and introducing them to our clinic when appropriate. Call us at Physicians' Hair Restoration Center to schedule a consultation to discuss various hair transplant procedures, such as an eyebrow transplant or follicular unit extraction.

What Houston Hair Transplant Doctor has the Most Experience?

Dr. Puig from Physicians' Hair Restoration Center is extremely experienced. He brings over 40 years of experience to our clinic. In that time, he has helped over 10,000 of our patients have seen the regrowth of their own hair with the help of various hair transplant or hair restoration procedures.

Dr. Puig uses his experience to introduce a number of modern, contemporary hair restoration procedures to our clinic. He has introduced tools, such as follicular unit extraction and LaserMax Haircomb, along with FDA-approved medications to our clinic that has allowed our patients to experience natural hair regrowth. Call us at Physicians' Hair Restoration Center to learn more about which hair transplant procedure may be right for your current situation.  

Where can I See Before and After Images of a Hair Transplant in Houston?

Before and after images of a hair transplant procedure are important to prospective patients. These images allow patients to see what actual results previous patients have seen when they have undergone this type of procedure.

Our clinic, Physicians' Hair Restoration Center, provides patients with the opportunity to see before and after images of a hair transplant in Houston. Images can be viewed by visiting our website. Our website has numerous before and after images from previous patients who have had undergone a medical hair replacement procedure by Dr. Puig.

Before and after images may also be viewed during a scheduled consultation. Dr. Puig can show prospective patients before and after images for any recommended hair restoration procedure. Call us at Physicians' Hair Restoration Center to schedule a free, private consultation to discuss options for hair transplant in Houston.

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What does hair transplant surgery entail?

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