How Much Does a Hair Transplant in Houston Cost?

A hair transplant in Houston will typically vary in price. The price of the entire procedure can range from $3,000 to over $25,000. Some procedures will be lower than this estimate and some will be higher than this estimate. Doctors or their staff will provide a consultation before the procedure to help outline the cost of the procedure for the patient.

A number of different factors impact the price of this hair restoration in Houston procedure. Factors including the number of hair grafts involved and the type of hair grafts used will impact the overall cost of the procedure. The number of sessions required will also impact the cost. The more sessions required with the doctor, the higher the cost will be for the patient. Read more here -

Who is the Best Doctor for a Hair Transplant in Houston?

The best doctor to choose for a hair transplant procedure is one who has surgical experience. Any doctor is capable of performing this hair replacement procedure, but they may not be the best for the procedure. There are a number of factors, including experience and access to a surgical team, that will determine who is the best for the procedure.  

Potential hair transplant patients will want to look for a doctor or surgeon who has vast surgical experience, especially with this particular procedure. A doctor/surgeon who keeps updated on the latest research and hair transplant/restoration procedures is another good choice. There are several organizations, such as the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery, that provide doctors/surgeons with regular updates on research in regards to hair transplants or hair restoration procedures.

Dr. Puig of Physicians' Hair Restoration Center has several decades of experience with hair restorations and transplants. He has also published various medical papers and held lectures on this particular procedure. Dr. Puig has access to an updated surgical center and a skilled, friendly surgical staff that can help with the procedure.

Which Doctor has the Most Experience for a Hair Transplant in Houston?

Any licensed and practicing doctor has the ability to perform this procedure for hair replacement in Houston. The only requirement is the doctor has knowledge of the procedure and the ability to gather a skilled surgical team. Read more here -

Patients looking for the most experienced doctor may want to consult a surgical center. Even though the American College of Surgeons does not recognize hair restoration or hair transplants as a specialty, the surgeons at these centers often have vast experience performing this type of procedure. This experience is often obtained by performing multiple hair transplant procedures for various patients over the years. For more information regarding hair transplants and other hair replacement procedures, contact Dr. Puig of Physicians' Hair Restoration Center for more information.

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