PHRC Can Provide a Hair Transplant for Austin Residents

Many Houston residents have taken advantage of the Puig Hair Restoration Center's ability to restore the hair they lost to genetics, Mother Nature or through accidents. Dr. Carlos Puig and his team have helped more than 10,000 patients throughout his 41-year career to regain the hair they lost. But what if you need a hair transplant in Austin? Dr. Puig will help those who need a hair transplant in Austin as well as those in Houston. Many patients have made the short trip from Austin to PHRC in Houston and received the most professional hair transplantation available. Dr. Puig keeps up with the latest in technological advances in the hair replacement field and is able to implement these techniques when helping people who need a hair transplant. In Austin, there are many who are in need of hope after losing their hair. Dr. Puig will help them regain the hair they lost just as he has for those in the Houston area.

The hair replacement procedure is completed in day surgery format and most patients can resume normal everyday activities within a week. The procedure involves taking hair from the person's donor area. This is an area on the head that has an excess of hair. Since it is the patient's very own hair, it will grow normally throughout the patient's life. Also, Single Hair Grafts can make the transition of your hair from dense to soft look even more natural thanks to the skilled hands of Dr. Puig. He will dexterously transfer the single hairs to create a soft, frontal hairline. And to make your hair look even more natural, follicular hair units can be transplanted behind the Single Hair Grafts to give the patient thicker and fuller hair.

There are also pharmaceutical methods that complement the hair restoration procedures. These include:

  • Minoxidil (or Rogaine) - This is an over-the-counter medication that slows down hair loss in 38 percent of its users.
  • The Lexington HairMax LaserComb - This device uses low level laser lights to slow down hair loss in men. Studies show that it does slow down hair loss in 61 percent of its users.
  • Propecia - Manufactured by Merck, this medication is prescribed by doctors and is known to stop hair loss in 67 percent of its users.

Also, traveling the short trip into Houston for your surgery just got easier.

If you need a hair transplant in Austin, call toll free 877-255-4424 to make an appointment or to find out more about medical hair restoration log on to


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