Where Can I Find the Best Surgeon for Eyebrow Transplants?

Physicians' Hair Restoration Center in Houston, Texas offers patients the opportunity to work with one of the best surgeons for an eyebrow transplant. Dr. Puig is an experienced, qualified surgeon who specializes in performing not only traditional hair transplant procedures, but speciality procedures.

Speciality hair transplant procedures are those that focus on replacing or transplanting hair onto other parts of the body, such as eyebrows, eyelashes, and sideburns. The procedure is extremely delicate and requires an experienced surgeon. Dr. Puig has the experience to perform these types of procedures.

Dr. Puig's experience includes hosting numerous workshops and lectures on hair restoration, including speciality procedures, and writing/presenting papers to industry leaders. He is a Fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and has studied under top authorities on the topic of specialty hair restoration.

Patients who are considering a specialty hair transplant in Houston can visit our clinic knowing that they have access to the best surgeon for such a procedure. Call us at Physicians' Hair Restoration Center to schedule a consultation with Dr. Puig for a specialty transplant procedure.    

What Houston Doctor Specializes in Eyebrow Transplants?

Dr. Puig from Physicians' Hair Restoration Center in Houston specializes in performing specialty transplants, like those for eyebrows and eyelashes. Dr. Puig has successfully completed hundreds of these specialty transplants and has extensive, impressive credentials; all of which makes him qualified to perform this specialty hair replacement in Houston procedure.  

Dr. Puig is a board-certified surgeon who is a Fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery. He has studied under well-known hair transplant surgeons and has presented medical papers, demonstrations, and workshops on a variety of hair transplant topics, including specialty eyebrow procedures.

For the best results with a specialty hair transplant procedure, it is important to find a qualified, experienced surgeon. Contact us at Physicians' Hair Restoration Center to schedule a consultation with Dr. Puig to discuss this procedure in detail.

How Will an Eyebrow Transplant Help Me Achieve a More Natural Look?

Eyebrows and eye lashes are considered essential components to human communication. These facial areas are essential because they are the focal point on the face as they frame the eyes. Unfortunately, due to their essential role in communication/interactions people with thinning or missing eyelashes or eyebrows are often seen as having an unnatural appearance.

An eyebrow transplant or eye lash transplant can help restore a person's natural look by replacing or enhancing missing or thinning eye lashes or eyebrows. The procedure will create the appearance of thicker, fuller eye lashes and eyebrows, which will help create a natural look.

Specialty procedures, such as an eyebrow or eye lash transplants, need to be performed by a surgeon who specializes in specialty hair transplant procedures. Using a surgeon who specializes in these procedures will help patients improve their chances of seeing successful results.

Dr. Puig of Physicians' Hair Restoration Center has extensive experience when it comes to specialty hair transplant procedures. He has studied under some of the best in the hair transplant industry and has completed hundreds of eyebrow and eye lash transplant procedures. Call us at Physicians' Hair Restoration Center to learn more about Dr. Puig's and to schedule a consultation.

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What Causes Eyebrow loss & transplant?

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